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  1. lat

    *pops in again* karra~~~ *pops out*

  2. lat

    hope you're ok :) come back to us soon! <3

  3. lat

    please send our raws back ^.^ thank you :) we will pay for postage!

  4. lat

    hey karra :D how are things?

  5. ayne

    Can you start scanning Blue Bird and Chiro SP? That would be awesome. :D

  6. lat

    hope you're ok <3

  7. lat

    karrraaaaa missing you!!! how is everything? look forward to all your lovely raws <3

  8. lat

    hey karra ^^ so sorry, I might have to TS SDGM tomorrow if you haven't sent it by then :S I don't want to waste your work though, so please send it to me if you can ^^ I'm sorry! I am just getting poked to release it as it's been a few months XD

  9. Happy birthday Karra~ :3

  10. lat

    Happy Birthday Karra!!

  11. x5ga

    HAPPY BDAY KARRA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ woohoo~

  12. lat

    oops missed the weekend xD sorry, can you post them in next day or two please? or I might have to TS it for this weekend :S

  13. lat

    hey karra ^^ hope all is ok? any more on the SDGM edits ? :) sorry just wondering if we can release them this weekend you see :D

  14. lat

    hey karra *hug* I'm so sorry that you had a loss in your family :( *hug* and don't worry at all! Thank you :) And glad you're ok :)

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