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  1. Singing along with James Blunt

  2. :D Great so we are going to use those TLs then. Is he/she also joining us? And yes of course I still want to work on this! Don't know if the previous cleaner is still around, otherwise I would happily clean it as well. Maybe Tessa wants a role in this too?
  3. Mewmew

    Haha yeah I have a fan on me too! Seems I brought the boiling weather back with me XD


    We went to Dublin, Galway, Sligo and Belfast, although Belfast was a bit shitty, because of the fights there at the moment. Wrong timing. But the people are lovely and chatty there! You should go there So nice!!


    Oh more STT! I'll better get back to work then!



  4. Mewmew

    Hey lat. Just came back from my holiday in the UK. Couldn't have chosen a better time to go there. not a single drop of rain even in Ireland! How were you able to do so much work with the releases and scan STT and others with the heat wave? :o wouldn't feel like working in that weather :D

  5. Mewmew

    Thank you Lat!! <3



  6. Mewmew

    *poke poke* Real purple chapter 3 has been cleaned :D

  7. Mewmew

    RPM is fun too! I just don't have the stamina for it yet...

  8. Mewmew

    I follow a workout class called Body Combat twice a week in the local gym. Dead tired afterwards, but so worth it XD Yeah we're planning what to cook as Christmas dinner. No presents though. Those I get a bit earlier with Sint Nicholas on the 5th of december yay:D

  9. Mewmew

    How about you? You have been busy as well recently, right?

  10. Mewmew

    Hey! I'm good! Am finally allowed to sport again 2 months after my operation. So happy XD



  11. Should stop procrastinating....

    1. Unie


      But that's hard to do :(

    2. Mewmew


      I know right! >.<

    3. lat


      I'm still procrastinating! XD hahah ohhh but at the moment all my projects, I'm waiting for something so can't do anything right now anyway ohohohho

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