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  1. Fish always tastes good with new books :)

  2. Sorry I just have alot going on right now... i'm still here though.. barely :P

  3. Other Grandma Died... And I'm Sick... I hate Octobers

    1. wicKedEly


      what the~ again condolence for you

  4. Well... I guess I might as well post a pic too... From Homecoming... I'm the blonde one with glasses xD
  5. R.I.P. Grandma. I'll Love You Forever<3

    1. Sakura


      Oh damn, your grandma died? sad,,


    2. Aly Dee

      Aly Dee

      Yea... she was like my second mom :(

  6. Kodocha The anime was really different... the manga was better [though i still really enjoyed the anime] They added so much and left out the really important awesome stuff towards the end T^T
  7. I <3 KHR with a dying passion.... It was hot guys that got me started and it's hot guys that leave me hooked!! [And a good story xD]
  8. Mine was Kodocha [Kodomo no Omacho] [Child's Toy] 2nd was Marmalade Boy 3rd was Fruits Basket I get screwed up in the count after that xD I was really getting into reading, yea just reading, and i couldn't find any more books that seemed interesting to me... so my mom asked a coworker and she lent me 3 random books and one of them was Kodocha. I read it and then returned it asking for more. [Not to mention the pure coincidence of me being head over heels in love with Japan before reading it!]
  9. Keeping Track of: Bakuman 2 Bleach Chihayafuru Hunter x Hunter (2011) Kimi to Boku Mawaru Penguindrum Mirai Nikki Naruto: Shippuuden Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou Persona 4 The Animation Tamayura: Hitotose Watching on the Side: Baccano Tiger & Bunny Rewatching Durarara Watching at this moment: Mirai Nikki 1
  10. It's times like these where i really don't like speech... can't it write itself?

  11. Wow Such a warm welcome! Thank you so much everyone >w< @Cathy My Lists are here Manga -> here Anime -> here @Karlani Iz sorry... I could always teleport back in time and transport my mom to a hospital in canada or something And Thanks ^^ @Whoops What's your favorite?
  12. Speech, Anime, Art... what else is new?

  13. Ellos!~ I'm Brewers6655 or Aly Dee... but you can call me Aly-chan!~ I'm new here [obviously] and i hope to make lots of friends here I enjoy anime and manga [obviously] but also kpop and jpop I am part of my school's speech and debate team as well as key club... I like to play sports though i am not part of any. My favorite teams go like Baseball = Brewers [where i get my username] Football = Packers College Football = Badgers Basketball = Bucks If you wanna know which animes/mangas i am into just ask for a link to my list... If you wanna know i'm on any site just look up brewers6655 and you'll find me... I'm from the USofA... and i think that is all.. yea Nice to meet you all -bows-
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