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  1. You're banned because you used LOL!
  2. SEBASTIAN!! Lol XD. Naruto or Sasuke? Hahahaha.
  3. Hi Jen! Ahaha before I write anything, I love BigBang♥♥♥ Well, I started liking them and noticing them more after their comeback last year Before this, I was fan of GD hahaha. I also love 2NE1♥ Love Bigbang more tho.. XD HI! Again I am a KTLer, And am a Korean! Hehe. I was interested in Japanese too! Well, Im currently learning it.. Im hoping i'll be good enough like a year later so I can become a Japan Translator Haha, I just rant on and on.. :S Welcome to the EF! Hopefully, you'll like it here! Cuz I did Aha, and lets be good friends, ne?
  4. LOL Ayu-chan! I should be welcoming you! I joined much faster than you! (Only a month.. but yeah XD) Unless.. you joined in another ID.. then Idk
  5. Aha, everybody is turning 16 soon! (SO AM I! LOL) HI Lina! Nice to meet youu! Welcome to EF! Aha, I was somewhat shy too! But, everyone here was super duper nice so I got used to it I bet you'll have a blast here too!
  6. Microsoft Word not working.... REALLY SAD D:

    1. Tessa


      aww, what happened? :(

    2. Sphear


      I have microsoft word 2003 :/

  7. Slowly... Getting......La....zy......

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    2. JessDaisy


      Join the club! Its great!

    3. KazumiKimura


      Noooo. I need to translate! LOL D:

    4. lat


      please translate xD hehehe


  8. HI! ...well, it's me! ..... kinda ITS SO CLOSE UP... D: THATS MY BABY SISTER! SO CUTE.
  9. ELYYYYY. HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAY! (Well, its 15th here but I bet its 16th there.. lol!)

    I dont have any bishies to give you... BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAAAY!!

  10. Hi Sarah! Nice to meet you too!
  11. I have no idea why i did that.. hmm. The story didnt make sense when i read the only bottom one.. LOL
  12. What does that reputation : 2 mean? O.o

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    2. KazumiKimura


      Oooooh. I see it! Hahaha. You do know the answer :D!

    3. lat


      I only have one nooooooo! I want MOAR xD

    4. x5ga


      I want MOAR too!! XDDDD

  13. Hahahaha your welcome?! I guess you really wanted that series to be translated! lol

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