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  1. Wow, lechat! That list sure is impressive! /has to shield eyes from the level of awesome/ and ggumso too! And everyone on this thread (except me)! I love languages so much, and I'd love to know a lot, but seems like I'm not as smart as I think I am, and then I have no time to actually spend on learning anything.

    The important thing to know about my linguistic proficiency is that I am better at English, my second language, than my native language in reading, writing, listening, professional usage, cursing, everything. And now I'm taking Arabic lessons and I hope to be as proficient in it as I am in English (though that seems unlikely, since I've been learning English from pre-school D: ). Then, of course, there's the obligatory manga/anime-level Japanese which improves a little when I watch J-dramas. I can listen to Japanese and understand 1/50 words, but no luck with writing (except maybe katakana/hiragana vowels and the character for 'n'? xD I suck.). Same with Korean except I'm even less familiar with it beyond 'oppa' and 'yakksok' (did I spell that right? >__>) It's also a funny thing that I've been hearing Hindi all my life, but can't, for the life of me, ever understand even the most basic words (recently my Hindi vocabulary increased to around 25 words, but that's it). It's funny because hearing it is as familiar as hearing Dhivehi, but I have no fruit-caking idea what any of those words might mean except 'nehiiii!' and that is blasphemously FRUSTRATING

  2. EVERYONE IS SO PRETTEH AROUND HERE~ 35.gif If I started to comment on individual photos, I'd probably reply back to every single picture posted here. I would. *Happily nosebleeds* (You notice I haven't made any comments previously... Oh, but I have been stalking you all 39.gif *creeper mode*)


    O':< Wants a picture of Awesome Lee and Noir-some!!

    I'm forum-shy.


    I feel so guilty



    (We could make some secret deals, though :D)

  3. I know I cried buckets while watching the original (deviating-from-manga) FMA anime. It was definitely more disturbing, emotionally destabilising than the real story. At least the manga was so hopeful and beautiful... this anime, however, just filled me with despair. And grief. ARGH! Remembering it makes me angry and sad at the same time!


    Oh, and since manga isn't really out of topic - Monster made me cry like a baby in many parts. A certain death in One Piece (even in the anime!) made me cry like a baby, too.

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