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  1. Also, I watched the HWC movie, at last. I couldn't make it to the end. The movie was... horrible D:

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    2. anon666


      The actors weren't BAD, but the acting made me want to headdesk D: Also the movie just sucks on the general-not-associated-with-novel/manga-way. What were those weird scene transitions? Anyone who wasn't acquainted with HWC before wouldn't know what the hell was going on. I AM DISAPPOINT

      (What happens in the end, Beans? Is it like the manga end?)

    3. holanio


      It was kind of sweet lol Umm... the ending tells you why Ji Eun-song likes Ye-won and it's a flashback of how they first met in grade school or something. Because the kids (with their kid mentality) thought that Eun-song had that umm... disease or whatever, they wouldn't go up to kiss him for his birthday. (I supposeth that's what Koreans do on birthdays everyone in class was supposed to do it). So Eun-song was crying because he was sad and felt rejected, but then Ye-won stood up ...

    4. anon666


      =D! That sounds really cute! Maybe I should take a peek at the end, hmm... Some aspects of the movie are better, I feel (HAH). For one thing, HanSong is introduced in the movie much earlier than in the manhwa (oops, been saying manga up there), so it'll make more sense when he starts pursuing YaeWon. (I didn't reach that part in the movie, so I don't know if that happens or not.)


      But they 600% ruined that beautiful hospital scene (chap 14) D:<

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