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  1. hai noir c: how are you? just checking up on DF again~

    1. Cheesecake


      Yes, checking up on DF o:

  2. I've been so absent, am I still even a part of EF staff? /cries

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. anon666


      With CF, too. I've not been in the scanlating world since this year began D:

    3. holanio


      It is the inevitable fate for people like us.

    4. Tessa


      Yup, you both are still welcomed anytime. I'm also in the left but tries to return group XD.

  3. Noirrrrrrrrrrrrrr :DDDDDDDDDDDDD how goes DF?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. anon666


      Ahahaha, just buried under a shitload of work and going without food, water and sleep for 24 hours too often /cries bitterly

      Our anniversary's in May, right? I'm hoping to turn in all the DF chapters for the mass release (if we're having one), or is that too late?

    3. Nekomikoto


      oh D: sorry to hear about that T_T! RL comes first, so if you ever feel like there's too much to TS let us know! I would not mind helping TS some of it :3

      we havent even prepared for the anniversary XDD, I dunno when we will plan it since last year we delayed the anniversary until June since may was very inconvenient and a lot of people had exams during that time :C I'll try to check when we will plan to hold the anniversary


    4. anon666


      Oh, I see... thank you for the offer of help! I really like finishing what I've taken on, but if I'm failing to turn in work and it becomes inconvenient, please let me know. This week and the next will be lighter in workload, I think, so let's see what I can do. You're right, May is a terrible time for anniversaries. Exam overload D:

  4. hey noir! :D The proofs for dream fantasia is ready ^^ if there is still some confusion please let me know!~

    1. anon666


      Sorry for getting to you late! It looks like we have correct PRs now, so I'm working on the chapters as fast as I can. Seriously, I've been lagging behind too much. Thanks so much for your help :D

    2. anon666


      (By lagging behind, I mean my slow butt <__< nobody else's fault)

  5. Back with holidays! And busy! Now let's pray that I don't take a millennium to turn work in...

    1. holanio


      Busy holidays, oh man. I hope you enjoy every moment, Noir-some!!

    2. Sphear


      noir itz cold :<

    3. anon666


      Sphear: Does it snow where you live?! (feeling simultaneously jealous and lucky at the same time) should I bring you some blankets and hot drinks?

  6. TT^TT I'm so sorry about that. The scripts are now accessible.

  7. Hi, elle! Sorry to bug you, but I can't access the PRs to Dream Fantasia chapter 18. Could you make it accessible? :)

  8. Okay. Just checking. Thanks.

  9. Wut iz a life when u hav a college???

  10. Yeah... here's my reply almost a month late. If that's an indicator to anything OTL I'm currently doing exams and won't be free until mid-November. Tessa PMed me about Dream Fantasia, and I think I'm still going to be the TSer for it, since PR scripts have turned up.

  11. Trying to revive the editor team. Are you working on anything atm? I have an impression you're waiting for PR scripts.

  12. OKAY I finally got time to look at RBWY and watched the trailers and eeeeeee! You have the best recs Bean! (Why do I always get into cool things when I have a crapload of work? /crey)

  13. RWBY (Red White Black Yellow) is an animated series by RoosterTeeth :'D It's really cool because each character is based off storybook characters or something similar. You can watch all the episodes and stuff here -- http://roosterteeth.com/archive/?id=6052&v=more

  14. wot iz an RWBY? iz it tasteh?




    Ahaha, nope, I don't watch it, unfortunately. What is it? Enlighten me!

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