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  1. wicKedEly

    Hi !

    Hi~~ welcome here~~ ~~~ nice to meet you. come and play with us some time. visit chatango or just post anything in the shoutbox~~~
  2. wow~ we got a new PR~~ congratulations. welcome to EF lazy staffs~

  3. hello~~~ nyaaah~~ just passing by~~~

  4. kazumi where are you nowadays?~,~ i don't see u a lot these days~ hmmmm... ok you're busy with school~ 잘 하루가 ë¼ìš”~

  5. hey bunny-hater~~ nyaaaah~~

  6. yeah we are together in that project! let's do our best neko!

  7. a while ago I was in panic. I can't open up the site for about 3 hours. lol I thought my IP address was banned. phew~~ really, I was almost in depression~

    1. lat


      oh nooo! I hate it when that happens >.<

  8. oh some strange monster told me... *Actually, I saw it in the info box there on the side.* Anyway, I hope you had a fun birthday!

  9. School opening moved for another week! more vacation for me! lol more slack time

    1. wicKedEly


      ikr, and i'm doing my best to slack off...

  10. I love studying! i'll do better this time!!! happy beer time

    1. lat


      good luck! and yay beer!

  11. hi happy birthday to you......

  12. why scary? and which profile pic?

  13. LMAO me a male? hohhohoho

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    2. Sphear


      ...cross gender..? =3=


    3. wicKedEly


      lol, but I do have 4 idiot brothers, so somehow I act tomboyish. I never thought that even online I'm still tomboyish though. heck...

    4. lat


      thats so cool! xD

  14. Kaichou wa maid-sama agree to that. but what was a real disappointment for me was Sugar Sugar Rune, the manga art was so beautiful, I can have each page as a volume cover too. but the anime was so sloppy and the genre became so comedy that it became pointless and made the characters brainless. when in fact there was depth in each character and history which goes back to their past lives...
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