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  1. KIDNAP A PRer and a permanent TSer for ILFTP operation starts!!... The King Neko and the Wicked wizard needs to grab two people to add to our kingdom.

    1. wicKedEly


      oh we don't need a PRer anymore~~ lolol... some dragos already kidnapped someone for us.

    2. lat


      muahahhahaha *escapes before she is caught for TSing....*

    3. wicKedEly


      *grins* I'll wait in a corner and grab you one of these days.

  2. neko share me some cookie too~~ anyway, i think you worked hard for the ILFTP~ great job king neko

  3. lol kazu... 지금 네 아바타 볼 수 있어~~~
  4. lol I bet Jess loves the emoticons~~ aren't they so cute<<<----see? yeah, robert pattinson messed up the twilight thingy, and I just found those people who loved the movie completely out of their minds....
  5. hey i don't want bears~~ they have claws and sharp teeth~~ I want beer. BEER~~~!! beer and a teddy~~

  6. hahaha~ it's alright, wickey loves the drunk cellas too!

  7. cellas i loved ur pics! i can't stop laughing though~

  8. neko, wickey loves ur new avatar. u eat some fish cookie, so cute~

  9. welcome to EF Jess I'm not a manga addict, nor a manhwa addict... I'm quite a picky reader. but i agree that dengeki daisy is a good manga!!
  10. wicKedEly

    Hi [:

    welcome to EF Maisie~ enjoy your time here! and use these emoticons as much as you want!!!
  11. don't watch that twilight thingy~ it's a complete waste of time. Edward Cullen is just a gay vampire~wth is a sparkling overly powdered-faced vampire? Bella is the usual stupid clueless self important heroine. BTW I have Eclipse and Breaking Dawn book on my shelf~
  12. heya kazu~~ welcome! lolol, we're now EF slaves.
  13. wicKedEly


    hi sin welcome here at EF's lazy slaves, errrrrrr, i mean staffs... congratulations for passing~ enjoy here and have fun~ BTW, what's with that secret proofreader hand shake?????
  14. I'm excited~~ new boarding house~ bring it on~ and idiot brother send me money~

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    2. wicKedEly


      Jess i'm the evil wizard here~ so watch out, i'm a dangerous person!! (does that make me scary now? c'mon just be scared)

    3. JessDaisy



      *Runs away*

    4. nEkO..red


      laughter.... hahahahahahaha

  15. wicKedEly

    Hi !

    @ Mili, korean is not difficult.~~ it's so damn difficult or maybe I'm just an idiot. nyahaha~~ anyway, karli guppy i love that welcome EF pic you have there, we need new slaves, you're so right~~
  16. 안녕 하세요~~

  17. heya! goodluck on your gothic loli halloween night! and party on!!! let's get drunk

  18. I can't remember if my first anime was Yu Yu Hakusho [Ghost Fighter] or dragon ball z~~ hmm...
  19. hey. where are u now? come back here

  20. Hi~~ welcome to EF~~ have fun here. come and visit us often!! We love to play at the chatango, talking about nothing then forgetting what we're supposed to do... nyahahahhaha~~~~~ again, nice to meet you!
  21. wicKedEly

    Hi !

    I don't learn French~~ lalalalala.... I'm learning Korean at the moment~~~ It makes me crazy already so if I learn French too, I'll really go nuts.
  22. cellaaaaaaaaassssss~~~~~~~ chuuuu chuuu~~~

  23. hi there!! nice to meet you~~

  24. wicKedEly

    Hi !

    yah, just make an account there and say hello... the people there are nice. lol. so you're french, how cool, I would love to learn french too though...
  25. is now filled with envy~~

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    2. Sphear


      envy is not good for teh eyes

    3. wicKedEly


      meh~unfair world~I'll eat chocolate now so I can feel good

    4. Sphear


      hunger is not good for the sphear...now pass me that chocolate

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