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  1. Look who's replying here~ a princess loli *grins*... you're definitely on the list ani.
  2. wicKedEly

    Hi theree :]

    *grabs the Freak* so you're a KTLer Let's see, we still got a room here for you at EF so you're not going anywhere.. come and try out, I think hmmmmmm there is a test and stuff<<<<<<<knows nothing about it but you can tell it to the thread for Recruitments, KTLer there.... welcome and please don't just go anywhere!!! EF is fun and hmmmmm fun. me an idiot when speaking/typing. no words to say anymore...
  3. I wonder how old is Nea... I hope you're not a loli or else we're going to rape you. But I'm a nice person so don't be shy to come to chatango and play with us... Welcome here in EF! Home of nice people, staff and great procrastinators manga/manhwa addicts
  4. and give me my beer~ I worked so hard today~

  5. hey, you're busy today? why u not come at EF? I was procrastinating the whole day :( and no one's here. baah~~

  6. desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu <<<<<

  7. thank you for the add and have fun here at EF

  8. Passed a test :D the happiest day of my life~~

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    2. lat
    3. nEkO..red


      noooo. the neko saw this status just now... so will coment with a delay...

    4. nEkO..red


      im so happy for you my wizard you make me proud :)


  9. cellasssssss~~~! so you'll TS for ILFTP huh? well, ok! since I love cellas! nyahahahaha.

  10. King Neko, your wicked wizard plans to slow down in releasing TLs for ILFTP, I plan to TL 2 chapters a week so you can also slow down and not hurry much, ok?.. I don't like the neko being pressured :D

  11. Hi I love your gif/avatar on the forums... lol funny guy bloody keyboard.

  12. I saw the list of EF's future projects and *wow*...

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    2. JessDaisy


      Im a slave tea maker! TEA FOR ALL! and beer for wickpea

    3. lat


      muahah i have already claimed 1-2 projects for me to edit muahaha

    4. Sphear


      wat?! don't take all of them ><

  13. Yeah, you sure are taller than me~ bah~ I wanna go taller too, I should drink lotsa milk~ BTW, if you're not a loli, then fine, I'll put you off the list

  14. wickpea???? waaaaah* I love that :)

  15. Yes, tell me please**

  16. heya~~ would you care to tell me who is the happyblackcat in the CB? I'm curious and my suspicion at first seems so wrong.

  17. See, even desu wants you to surrender~~ well surrender now or prepare to fight!!

  18. Rape of the Lolis~ little girls aka Talita are included~

  19. *grins* I'll tell King Neko we grab you soon...

  20. I took a nap then when I woke up the chapter I TLed was gone, I was almost done with it, just 4 more pages but what's left on autosave is just 5 pages. damn you laptop. damn your autosave function!!!

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    2. wicKedEly


      *hugs back lat* now I won't let you go lat~

    3. lat


      muahahah *where i want to be* muahaha ;D

    4. wicKedEly


      bah~~ I know lat is so busy~~ I'll let you go, but my arms are open for TSers

  21. I cried in code geass R2 recently though it was my fourth time watching it... Cowboy bebop too made me cry~
  22. hey you, so you're about 17 or 18 years old~~ hmmm~~~~ don't smoke too much~

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