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  1. welcome lulu! and I love your name... Oh JTLer, sounds nice
  2. LOL I'm the King Neko's wicked wizard.... and it's fun to play with the king, we've been bullying a lot King Neko I was bullied when you were away for a while.
  3. oh~ thermodynamics?? *runs away*

  4. Feels sick today, school's gonna kill me~~ oh no, fever :(

  5. No, I won't apply there. Cheese-sama said we'll have our own project webtoon so..... hmmm.... have to find a good one

  6. I'm surprised we're not~~ :D bah~ cellas I was looking for a webtoon to TL but for some reason some other scan group seem to have taken over everything and I'm so sad...

  7. Hey welcome to EF Ayu-chan~~ Who is calling you Aine, not me!! I also love psychological mangas and manhwas buddy and is the age 14 considered a loli??? I'm a bit confused, you read porn or not? and what are pork/pook books? You applied as a TSer right? Well goodluck to your test and if you need help, you know cake-sensei is over there and usually at the CB, the staffhangout place.. So well see ya there!!
  8. I'm bored :( TLed till volume 5 of ILFTP and I'm sooooo bored...

  9. are you the nealumina that we know?? oh my lumi~~

  10. no, you call me wickey-sama and I'll call you..... I'm out of ideas. Your name is really long~~ and we love the onions(smileys) here too~ they're so cute.... so you're not a loli?? hmmmmmm. *looks at ani* ooh a loli~
  11. hey buddy~ come here~ we don't bite too~ glad you made your way here in EF~ nyaaaaa~ *gives you a hug* just hoping you're not a loli coz we rape lolis in here
  12. hey Happy B-day!!!

  13. So you really hate me now... *sobs* X(

  14. nyaaaaaaa~~~ the wickey wasn't bullying you, I didn't tell the dragos about it. :X I was keeping mum about it!!!

  15. /emoticons/default_biggrin.png" alt=":D" srcset="/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

  16. well sorry for picking my nose I love K-drama too, but I'm a bit outdated. Currently watching City Hunter and just finished IRIS and Heartstrings. 너무 재미있지 my favorite K-pop group is í¬ë¯¸ë‹› and FT Island!!! me is a Korean TLer but not a korean. I currently love the webtoons too. So let's be good comrades!
  17. hi welcome to EF and please do TL for us we need another cute and lovely KTLer.... bah~~~
  18. Con!!! *grabs Con* you have a nice avatar and I like it... :D

  19. Tessa, me wants a new project~ I made advance TLs for the ILFTP... please please please :D

  20. Kor TLer for webtoons? Fine! Count me in!! I hope Tessa would look at the possibility of the webtoon... ì€í•˜ìˆ˜ì˜ hitch hiking is a good webtoon too :D.

  21. 스피!! I was reading Blind Marchen and I'm so inlove with it! awesome art and story is very dramatic~ wah~ I wanna TL a webtoon someday~

  22. I seriously want to rape Ed :D

  23. well wait till you meet ed :D

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