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  1. Aww... A loli...98.gif Come to me little girl.


    Welcome to EF~ You'll have an awesome time with me soon so don't worry, we are all good persons.


    But never ever trust the man who calls himself x5ga or the happyblackcat on chatango... I'm telling you, he and the cat is dangerous.


    And since Sora asked me nicely there will be no loli rapes yet...


    As the Charizard landed on the Loli Island, a bunch of lolis in swim suits welcomed them. "Hello our fellow loli and what a nice-y nice Charizard you have there... The Keeper of the Lolis is waiting for you." said one of the lolis who welcomed the poor girl and the Charizard. "The Keeper?" she asked...



    82.gif I want smut... smut... smut...

  3. Yes there is an anime for hunterxhunter..


    Though I've only watched the first version, the oldie one.


    And I was like 10 years old at that time. now I feel like old!85.gif


    I love Kurapika, though he looks like a girl :D

  4. Hey Sarah~


    Ooh welcome to EF! And you're not a loli!83.gif


    I wonder now why lolis are hard to come on EF now...93.gif


    But anyway have a great time here, we are friendly guys. So just always come and play with us...


    Though we'll be very busy this season!


    And This is the best onion for me --> 89.gif30.gif

  5. hi there my little maid..... im a KING here ( well wicked and cellas are my only slaves but you can join them)



    welcome here .. at EF is funn and you have luck that you are not a loli............. oni47




    LOL I'm the King Neko's wicked wizard.... 27.gif and it's fun to play with the king, we've been bullying a lot :D


    King Neko I was bullied when you were away for a while.

  6. Hey welcome to EF Ayu-chan~~42.gif Who is calling you Aine, not me!!


    I also love psychological mangas and manhwas :D buddy


    and is the age 14 considered a loli???


    I'm a bit confused, you read porn or not? and what are pork/pook books?



    You applied as a TSer right? Well goodluck to your test and if you need help, you know cake-sensei is over there and usually at the CB, the staffhangout place..


    So well see ya there!!40.gif

  7. no, you call me wickey-sama40.gif


    and I'll call you..... I'm out of ideas. Your name is really long~~52.gif


    and we love the onions(smileys) here too~ they're so cute....


    so you're not a loli?? hmmmmmm.


    *looks at ani* ooh a loli~11.gif

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