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    Painting, translating, reading, writing, and meeting new people!

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  1. omg u live in hawaii?? me too >.< hope to get to know you better!

  2. hey angel!! how are you doing ? :) did you have a nice birthday? :D

  3. angel~~~ why no visit us anymore? :(


    and we still want you to apply as a Korean Translator if you can .__.

  4. Happy Birthday angel~~~~ have fuun ;3

  5. oh of course I forgot it was Hawaii- thats so cool ! :D UK is ok- it has some pretty sights and buildings :) It's just small hehe you should come and visit! :D

  6. Hopefully I'll be hunting down a computer soon~ Yes, America is quite vast. I don't even want to think about getting lost :x Haha. It's good that I live in Hawaii. It's small, but nice here :) I want to travel to the UK someday!

  7. Heheh don't worry at all :D Good luck finding a new computer :D India was amazing thank you :D America is so big, I bet you could travel through it for years and still not see everything :D It's so cool! XD I like in the UK- not much there ^^; I'm good thank you- busy! How about you? :)

  8. Wow~ India? How lovely! I haven't been anywhere outside the U.S. Someday... I'm sorry for being M.I.A... I never wanted to be one of those people who disappear. I've been having computer issues lately, so I'm hoping to purchase a new one soon. How've you been faring these days?

  9. I'm sorry for the long absence :x I'm hoping to purchase a new laptop/computer soon because of my computer problems! -prays- Then I can possibly be of use to EF! I've missed everyone. I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and the festivities that came with it ^^

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Karlani


      *guppy hug* o3o

    3. angelic_canvas


      Lat: I'm glad to be back :)

      Dragos: Yay! I'm happy to hear that holidays were nice! I hope to solve my computer problems soon :x Urgh! Exams :( I'll also have exams soon :/

      Karlani *hugs* ^o^

    4. lat


      I hope you come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs*

  10. Hello, hello! I'm sorry I haven't been on in a long time... I've been having computer issues, so I'm hoping to purchase another soon :x How have you been? :3

  11. hello hello ~~ long time no see? are you still here with us?~

  12. hey! wow that sounds awesome thank you :D Just got back from India myself- feel really tired xD heheh but it's good to be back! :D

  13. By the way...

    Happy New Year! ^^

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