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  1. So many warm welcomes ... I'm touched ! Again thank you all for welcoming me I hope to see you on cb ;p
  2. Thank you for warm welcome all Sorry cellas but I don''t like summer 'coz it is too hot for me ^^ ;p And I hope to see you on CB finally ! Seraphia KuroxYomi you will still have to w8 !! ;D For end Lat !! <3 I <3 You all !!!
  3. Yup noticed it lat <3 I think I should search for some avatar on net....
  4. Well I was made to write sth about me 'coz of KuroxYomi.... ( Don't think she's a meanie or else she will be angry with me ... She's really nice believe me ) So then I'm 18, from Poland I'm a man. I like manga, anime like probably any person who check this forum and website... What more ?? I like winter sports like skiing and snowboarding... I prefer the 2nd one 'coz I didn't ski for long time ! Hmm I think it's enough for now Hope to chat with you someday and meaby ( work) in the future.
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