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  1. i know it's been ages but happy birthday!

  2. New Mouseee~~ *dance*

  3. wah~~ your new photo looks nice!

  4. hehe no problem :D and i hope your exams went well! XD yay! glad to have you back :)

  5. What happened????

    1. lat


      server crashed/ died D: nooo!

    2. Choco_Mint


      oh my gosh... 2 days..

      got panic /@,@\

      thx God its alright now... T___T

  6. Yeah... Exam passed... dunno the result... dont even want to think bout it.. XP

    Im back to availablee~~ *dancing*

    so from now on, pls take good care of me as usual.. *bow down* XP

  7. ah I'm so glad :D how are your exams going? good luck!! :3 don't worry at all! you can do it! :D

  8. OMG! lat-san im sry to reply ur congratz today.. I've been very busy, I didnt check my prof... @,@ Im having exam... *dying*


    anyway.. thx so much~ \:D/

    its doesnt matter... u said it to me anyway X3

  9. ahhh! happy birthday for yesterday!! OMG IM SORRY IM SO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IT WAS YOUR 21st!! happy birthday do you! happy birthday to you!! *CAKE*

  10. I hope I could recover soon ~_~"

    1. lat


      hope you feel better soon! :)

    2. Choco_Mint


      :) thx very much~ ^o^
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