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  1. *playing call of duty (AKA all intense like)* Karl: I like friends~

    1. Shinigami Z3R0
    2. Karlani


      Karl: What? I like friends o3o

  2. shin is so young... hello!

  3. I hope I get my tabard o3o Life=Made

    1. Karlani


      would your life be made Pop, would it really?

    2. Shinigami Z3R0

      Shinigami Z3R0

      It really would. Like, you don't even know.

  4. 59? Karlani you cheater gonna read this on yer email thing D:<
  5. Hehe, hi! Welcome to EF! =] I'm not Chinese, I like sports AND I love computer games <-- more than sports, And I'm a student as well! But I'm still in high-school =/ Anyways, Nice to meet you! Hope to see you around!
  6. Hey Luk!! Welcome to EF! It's awesome, coz I happen to be Polish too =D ( along with several other things but Polish is deffo up there) And high-fives for winter!! I can't stand the heat in summer, cold winters are the way to go. Hope to see ya in the CB =] Lotsa love, Shinigami <3 <3
  7. o3o Going to see the Lion King with Karl tomoz!! So EXCITED

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Shinigami Z3R0

      Shinigami Z3R0

      No, the 3D movie in theatres, but I HAVE seen the musical and it is absolutely amazing!! <3 ~

    3. Karlani


      I shall show up around your house at 12 so we can get on the bus at 1 to go see....THE LION KING!!! <3

    4. Shinigami Z3R0
  8. 71 Im done for the night lol, i have better things to do
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