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  1. I miss the guppy...

  2. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF TOMORROW~~~~~ I am your master... the most magical, wonderful, mysterious, being of them all~!! GUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please please hold your love I am only here to bid thee a warm welcome!! Oh, and please feel free to join us on the chat!! (Because only lame people us the shout box!) http://evilflowers.chatango.com/ mmmm links.
  3. Guppy wants a pet celestial eye fish!!!

    1. Sphear


      Maybe one day...!

  4. Normally I would go to bed at 12 or 1 am, then wake up at 1-3 in the afternoon. Though, if its a school night, I will go to bed at 12 or 11, then wake up at 6am, wake up, eat, get dressed, then play video games until its time to go catch the bus to school
  5. tomorrow is my sicence exam... I'm so going to fail

  6. I'm thinking about going into a student exchange program in a year or two... but I don't know where I would want to go :/

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Karlani


      Canada o3o and yeah I want to go somewhere that doesn't speak English xD

    3. lat


      nice xD hmmmmmm China xD When I travelled through there I didn't meet many english speaking people :D

    4. Karlani


      hmmm that sounds like a nice place :3 but knowing me... I would get lost in such big cities like the ones they have ^^;


  7. never thought of that.... I should use it next time
  8. Everyone is Edit: Bara you look really cute :3 and you look 17 to me hahaha. Korean?! I thought you were from like.... North America or some where in Europe
  9. I like my scary pictures xD always a little surprise for everyone! And it took me about 15 minutes... but my skin was all red where I had scrubbed so I still some what had a mustache for around 5 days >_>
  10. bishie!! of course Cat or Fish? (kitty or Guppy?)
  11. its been MONTHS since I have had a hair cut so.... may as well show off my long-ish hair before I cut it off in spring! Plus I haven't been on for a LONG time, may as well post something to show who this magical Guppy is The me RIGHT now: The me with short hair from like....5-6 months ago: I swear its not a scary picture. Its just me eating cake!
  12. I agree with Ani!!! its quite the intro you got going on there my good....sir? Ma'ma? I don't know D: anyways........WELCOME TO THE SITE PLEASE ASK ME, OR ANYONE ELSE IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS!
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