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  1. Eeee I'm glad ;v; Ahh actually I've come back to start typesetting/proofing again uvu I finally got into a schedule where I have plenty of freetime now! How has life been for you? ;v;

  2. Ayuuuuuuuuuuuuu ; v ; I wonder if you still remember me ahaha-- Just dropping by to say hiii uvu

  3. Happy birthday Karra~ :3

  4. Ahhhh~ ä½ å¯ä»¥è¯´ä¸­æ–‡ï¼Ÿ 8D You need to tutor me then ; w ; I'm not fluent at allll. Welcome to EF, hope you have a great time here~!
  5. Akira

    Bonjour !

    Bonjour! Je m'appelle Akira~ Ahhhh omg you're gonna be my best friend, I need French homework help a lot x3
  6. Hiiiii~ I have not yet started xD I'm focusing on finishing TSing two chapters for the New Year's release o3o

  7. Saniiiiii~ I think that if you don't like a course, you should get out of it and go back to what you like to do, which is Architecture. Sure, you might end up being a zombie and all, but staying up all night doing something you love is much better than taking a course on something which doesn't interest you. If you want to become an Architect, then do so! Right now you're hovering between Civil Engineering and Architecture, but if you have the slightest bit of doubt in your mind about whether Civil Engineering makes you happy, then stop and think about it. What have you always loved? Does Civil Engineering let you do that? If not, then why are you still there? I think that you should do something you really want to do. ^^ For example, I right now want to be an artist or mangaka when I grow up. Yes, a mangaka, and no, it's not one of those dreams that a lot of manga-readers have but will never follow. I've researched things about their salaries, their lifestyle, how to get published, and everything in that field, but my parents are always telling me that I'll never make any money just drawing all day long and I'll end up living on the streets or something. They want me to be a lawyer, or doctor, so I can get lots of money and live in a good house. But it's not something I can ever see myself doing, so no matter what I'm going to pursue what I want to do, because even though I might end up barely getting by each month, I'd be doing what I loved. Basically, just go with what you really, really want to do. If it's Architecture, then get out of Civil Engineering and follow that path. I know that you have to get a certain grade average to go there, but if that's a job you can truly imagine yourself doing, then work hard to bring your grades up and go. ^^ /long post is long ; w ;
  8. Jess you look really pretty * w * Everyone here looks cute ; w ; Ha, except for me OTL /dies
  9. xD I have an account but I think I deleted it because I didn't need to buy anything during that time. Once I'm old enough to get a job I'll contribute raws 8D

  10. xDD

    Yep~ I just tend to make a lot 8D

    Awesome >w< I actually do have money at the moment but I don't think my mom would appreciate a box of manga arriving at our house without her knowing. xD

  11. xD With practice you'll get better 8D

    I'm not good with small detail :<

    Hahahaha xD I can't afford manga ;A;

  12. Haha xD I said something along the lines of, "FFFFF- WHYYYY. D8"

    You should apply 8D /sparkl

  13. Ohhh, that really sucks D:

    I lost a really texty page of PG yesterday OTL, but I managed to redo it. xD

    Yep 8D Hopefully it'll rain QCers soon ><

  14. LOL, I used to open 10 pages at once, but that made PS lag like crazy, so now I just do five pages at a time. xD

    Yep, but somehow the releases still get out fast xD

  15. xD I don't have a ton of time to TS on weekdays, and plus it bothers me when I don't finish stuff in a day. (Wish that applied to homework too, LOL.)

    Yep~ That's why they each have a ton of projects xD

  16. xD I crammed and finished PG last night 8D

    Yep~ There's really only four QCers xD

  17. Tessa's QCing Ch 20 + 21, so I'm pretty sure she'll QC 22 as well. :3 Wait, are you finished with the chapter? o.o Fast. xD

  18. Oh I see~ That's nice 8D

  19. Wiki wiki wiki~ We need to be on CB at the same time xD

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