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  1. Harlo.. and thanks for the welcome..
  2. thank you Cellas~ ^^

  3. welcome Raitei =D ~~~

  4. Thank you! YAY! lat is also indoor type too? High five!* And Ani is chinese? High five again!* wow.. so many ppl love video games.. but i also love to play computer games.. im good in car games like Need for Speed but not good in shooting games because it is too confused and i die easily..
  5. I love SKIP BEAT!! because the story is nice and it is funny! I wonder when Ren going to know that the chicken is actually Kyoko.. >.<
  6. Harlo to all EF members!! I'm new here.. You can called me Raitei.. but im a girl.. LOL! erm.. I'm 20 years old.. im chinese.. my hobbies of course are read manga and watch anime.. i like all types of manga especially it is BL but not yaoi.. oh.. i'm stil an uni student by the way.. i'm an indoor type so i don't do much sports but it doesn't mean i'm a princess at home because i have to cook and clean the house.. I like sport cars but i don't know the names.. i guess it is too weird for a girl to love cars.. =.= So i guess that's all.. Yoroshiku ne..
  7. lat

    welcome to evil flowers :) good luck with your test :)

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