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  3. Late happy birthday :3 also can we get more KT007?~

  4. heya exp! Long time no speak :D How are you?

  5. Happy birthday exp~<3

  6. Exq happy birthday =D

  7. happy burfday exqz /glomp/ <3

  8. Happy birthday exp! <3

  9. Happy Birrrrrthday~<3

  10. WOW... I've gotten quite rusty at TLing... Taking me waaaay too long

    1. Tessa


      I believe in you. You'll get back at it :P.

  11. Hey :) Just to let you know, ayne's donated KT007 to me :) So It's in my group if you need to find it :D Nothing will change though- apart from where the topic is located XD thanks so much! <3

  12. Hi, nice to meet you! I'm a new PR/kitten/daughter :3 So, we're family~ ;3

  13. Happy birthday again~ :3

  14. Happy Birthday, exp-daughter~<3