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  1. happy birthday!

  2. Heeyy how's it going? :3 long time no talk T^T

  3. What has become of you...?

  4. What has become of you...?

  5. oh woo sounds like fun! :3

  6. The wedding is in October. I'm a bridesmaid. Woo. @[email protected]

  7. yay so pretty! :3 when is it again? has it passed yet?

  8. Hey Darkwood :3 did you ever finish coloring uhm...the card thingy? I forgot what it was called D: SAVE THE DATE CARD thing right?

  9. Haven't seen you in forever. So... I miss ya! Hope you're doing well!

  10. hey- sure XD so it's all sorted...? :) Thank you! ^.^ readers will be so excited about the CH releases for our anni! XD

  11. Err. Never mind, I think I have a correction. I'll put the links up on the appropriate page in CH.

  12. O_o Working on Crimson Hero sidestory just now. Looked back at 67, and there's a page where they whited out a banner that shouldn't have been. Someone should look back at chapter 67, page 32. Underneath where it says "What?!" there's a school logo missing on the banner. It needs to be re-cleaned.

  13. hey :D either way is fine- thank you so much! :) I just thought I'd check to see :D Also I got the other 2 chapters you QCed ready for release - really good QCing! thank you :D Hopefully we can make a big release for our anni on 20th may XD

  14. I was going straight through on the main chapters, but I can do the extra for vol 16 before 68 and 69.

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