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  1. Ditto! right now as a matter of fact once I stop lamenting about how depressing wolf's rain was.
  2. Pygmi


    I got pretty far in this, it was very pretty-- I got about half way through the second season then forgot about it and -- being me watched the final ep and face palmed a bit. What is with the heroines in these shows? She's so utterly useless and yet everyone falls for her it just drives me crazy. Granted I know it's based off of an otome game that I would love to play. Curse you no one being able to translate them and let me play them.. I need to learn Japanese
  3. Pygmi

    uh hi

    lol escaflowne I love you. Van--- oh Van. @seraphia Nooooo that's so sad! One more volume huh? Guess that means after it's finished that I can obsessively read it over and over again like I do now-- up to the new chapters.
  4. Jeez I'll feel old.. alright my very first exposure to anime was probably Dragon Ball.. yes the original one... and Akira. I was... eightish? My mom's roommate at the time was a huge otaku so he introduced me to so much anime that I didn't realze it aws anime. Then I pretty much watched samurai pizza cats and sailor moon until they started playing more on tv. Umm first anime I ever bought though was 3x3 eyes I think-- that or tenchi muyo.
  5. I vote anything Kirby Morrow did a voice in. Gundam Wing, Escaflowne and even Inuyasha--- because Kirby makes me happy. If I'm going to be totally- something I can watch over and over again I'm going with King of Bandits Jing-- that and Super Gals. Don't ask why I have so much love for that show. Full Metal Panic is always really high on my list right now I am stalking Nurahiyon no Mago on hulu. also hatenkou yuugi though I was upset it ended so abruptly. That had a gorgeous opening
  6. Pygmi

    uh hi

    aww thanks you guys are awesome and yes-- gundam wing is EPIC . a bunch of us are having a live watch every night-- since we all argue and we tease about it and mock it's fun. And I'm so glad everyone loves meru puri lol. I'm waiting impatiently for someone to puck up the rights to the sleepy residents of birdcage manor... I might have to do some more research on that. xD. you guys are so nice it'll be fun.
  7. Pygmi

    uh hi

    you can call me Pygmi, I read a lot of the stuff you guys do so I figured it would be appropriate to join and have a good time. I read manga consistently but don't really speak any other languages than English. My favorite manga is probably MeruPeri and Nurahiryon no Mago-- as far as anime goes. I will always love Gundam Wing no matter how much I mock it now.... ^^. I'm also a roleplayer-- and stuff. I live in the land of green jello, namely utah. But don't hold it against me. haha.
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