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  1. hello!! I saw your post on the forum - welcome back1! :D

  2. hey angel ^^ dream fantasia is also ready for you now!~

  3. no worries :DD we might have another release next week so all is well ^.^ i think we're trying to get more active and try to release at least once a week again :3

  4. Gahh Neko, sorry for not replying until now... after the batch has been released... I'll be working on Amakusa during Thanksgiving break, though!

  5. heyy angel ^^ amakusa is ready now =D


    we're planning on releasing POSSIBLY sunday i dont think it's 100% set yet o.O but if you're busy and cant finish by then thats okay too :3

  6. Wohoo!~ Thanks :3


    we didnt release yet so it should be okay :D

  7. Hi Neko :) Saw your and Tessa's post! I QCed Amakusa ch35 and DF ch17 around 10 hours ago! Not sure if I made it in time :o

  8. Heyy angel :D how are you doing? ^^


    I think Tessa is planning to release tomorrow. Just letting you know bc she asked on the DF thread if you could QC a chapter by tomorrow :o!

  9. Thank you Angel, that would be great! hehe yeah long time no speak! hope you've been well! :D

  10. Hi lat~ Long time no talk! But yeah~ I can QC some chapters by Friday/Saturday! Sorry for being so inconsistent :o I can finish up Amakusa (ch. 34) and get started on DF (ch.15a,b,c)!

  11. hey angel! :D I'm hoping to make a release on sunday- but I know you are busy with your finals! (good luck by the way! you can do it! XD) can you let me know if you can QC anything by tomorrow (friday)- or saturday at the latest please ? Dont worry if not, just so I can work out what I can release :) thanks!

  12. Back home, finally~~ And back to QCing for Amakusa and Dream Fantasia XD

    1. Nekomikoto


      Yay welcome back! :D

    2. lat


      thank you!!!!! this is mega late but i really appreciate all your work! <3

  13. Ah no worries!~ Please focus on your finals :)

  14. Gosh I'm so sorry Neko! I've been backed up with a lot of work, and now it's the week before finals o.O I'll go on a massive QCing day after finishing with finals, I promise!

  15. Hey angel :D more amakusa is ready for you ^.^ oh and also some DF too =D

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