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  1. Hi Aly!! I LOVE kpop :DD i never listened to jpop though...
  2. ...LOLLL my baddd. I just read Grey's post and it said proofread. LMAO. fail. @_@
  3. Welcome Neko!! And good luck on your cleaner test
  4. Welcome Sakura ^^ Good luck on being proofreader ! Hope you like it here at EF
  5. Welcome Misa~ Hope you enjoy it here at EF. (:
  6. I love that anime. :'D I just googled it for spoilers and here's what I got. http://forums.mangafox.com/threads/104053-*Novel-spoilers*
  7. Happy birthday ! ^^

  8. Hi! I'm Chinese too hehe. x) Welcome to Evil FLowers.
  9. Hello Ash!(: Welcome to Evil Flowers! Maybe I'll see you in the chatbox!
  10. Hiya Lukia(: I'm Lena, nice to meet you!! I personally never went snowboarding lol. x) I'd love to try it though. It seems really fun. Welcome to EF! I hope you'll love it here.
  11. Hey SHinigami! (: Welcome to EF. I hope to see you on the cb too. xD
  12. Whoops

    Okay~ I'll QC that after I finish RR(:

  13. Welcome to Evil Flowers, new typesetter!~ (:

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