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  1. Thank you! (I know, late reply xD) We may be strangers now, but I'm so sure about that in the future.... :D

  2. Cathy

    Thank you for the Happy Birthday :D I'm sorry I missed yours.

  3. Cathy

    Thank you Lat ^^ Your really made my day :))

  4. Cathy

    No, I'm not cleaning RS Sparkle atm. Sorry for the late reply :)

  5. Um.. So here is my plush pocupine xDD and me without smiling xD All in nice nice grey
  6. If you haven't notice,I have fixed the cleaning mistakes in chapter 8 of RS ^^ If you want to, you can get started on fixing the TSing ones.

  7. -dies- Sweetie Gem's SFXs really kills me -.-

    1. AyukawaAine
    2. lat
    3. Tessa


      lol, just don't clean them XD.

  8. Yay! All the hard tests are over :D I'm going to be active again on Tuesday next week :)

  9. Nope, I haven't started it yet.

  10. I don't mind at all :) Although in some of the bubbles there are uncloned part so I'll fill them in later xD If you have spare time then can you fill them in for me since you know how to clean :3?

  11. Don't worry xD I'm shy too. The only two who saw my picture were Ani and Sera -glares at Ani -
  12. Finally! Took me half an hour to insert my spacebar in after removing it x.x

    1. Tessa


      Everything is so gray @.@

  13. Me too D: I really like looking at pictures. Post one of yourself
  14. Aine, you look so cute. You're not short at all And Hiyoo, you work for Sony? That's so cool!
  15. Aww, you have such a cute avatar cellas @.@

  16. Don't worry xD It doesn't have a lot of speech. And what Lat wrote, such a cool background!

  17. Yes I am xD I hope you enjoy TSing it >.<

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