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  1. Grey

    well X, I was busy drawing a loli for you last night. EXCUSE ME. y'know what, I'll just change my profile avatar to that fluttershy one...-muttermutter- anyways... BABY U LOVE IT♥

  2. Grey

    beer. and that is all. ♥

  3. oh man, I actually like SO love this manga! like, legit. I'm serious. what's the current chapter?! I'm not sure what manga group is scanlating it, so I have to (begrudgingly, of course. I would never willingly support them) read on Mangareader or Mangafox. /sadface/ and yes..../whisper/ the men are EXTREMELY SEXY. like. ohmygoodness.
  4. Grey

    Hi [:

    Hola May! (as usual, I'm always late to the party. Gah.) Welcome to EF! And yes, THE EMOTICONS. aren't they just...DARLING?! ahem...sorry, just..the emoticons... once again, welcome to EF! hope to see you around and talk to you sometime~ (come chat with us on the CB, and also post on the Shoutbox too...I personally love it but some people prefer CB for some odd reason. )
  5. Grey

    DERP. X. SHOW ME ZEE PWNY SIG. or...BANNER. OR WHATEVER IT WAS. SHOW ME ZEE PONIEZZZ. (btw fluttershy better be in it :3)

  6. welp. I AM PROUD. I finally finished my recruiting siggie! TvT

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    2. Grey


      o@o OH MY. 7?! *dead faint*


    3. Karlani


      yeaaaaaah I has to much free time on my hand xD I MAKE THEM FOR FUN :D

    4. Ani
  7. derp. I think my mom has finally ungrounded me? :D

    1. Cellas002


      yay ! Good for you !!

      but... *gasp* why were you grounded in the first place!?


    2. Cathy


      Yes, why~ I'm glad you're back :D

  8. Welcome to EF Aly!~~~~~~~ Come chat with use at the CB (evilflowers.chatango.com blahblahblah) But feel free to use the Shoutbox too~ I see you don't worry XD hope to see you around!!! :3
  9. Fluttershy...Fluttershy...-chantanti-Rainbowdashchant-

    1. x5ga


      Fluttershy ftw, rainbow dash is nowhere near.

    2. Grey


      Of course...fluttershy<3 FLUTTERSHY!!!! /spasm

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