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  1. lat

    Happy birthday!! :D

  2. Happy birthday! XD

  3. lat

    Happy birthday!!! :D

  4. Happy birthday stranger xD

  5. Happy birthday!!!!! ^_^

  6. Happy birthday!!!!! ^_^

  7. lat

    that's great thank you so much! :D yay! <3

  8. Liv

    I'm done PR'ing Chapter 4 of Erotic Horror. :)

  9. Liv

    Yeah sure, no problem. I think I'll get it done late tonight or early tomorrow morning

  10. lat

    hey :D if you're able to get EH ch 4 to me by tonight/ tomorrow I'll try get it done :) yay go team!

  11. lat

    hehe it's no problem dont worry :)

  12. Liv

    Ohhh, I thought I was supposed to have it done by last friday/saturday so I thought i was late. LOL but I'll still try my best to finish it as quick as I can.

  13. lat

    hey Liv :) don't worry too much about getting EH ch 4 done before thursday/ friday this week as I won't have time to typeset it before this weekend anyway hehehe :D

  14. lat

    hey :) welcome to EF! thank you for helping us out with proofreading :)

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