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  1. Happy birthday~

  2. Sophie

    Bonjour !

    I'll be glad to help you Akira, just pm me if you need help
  3. Sophie

    Bonjour !

    Hi there ! I've joined evil flowers some time ago but I never introduced myself ! So here we go... Hi, I'm Sophie, 20 and French (please, pardon me if I do any English mistake) ! I love art, did horse riding during 16 years and I'm in a nurse school ! Well, what else to say ? I love (love is far from enough) French food and Mexican food, I enjoy playing pranks on my friends and I'm really bad with introduction. Voilà ! If anybody needs help with French homework, want to learn some or have a question, I'll be glad to help you Bises
  4. Sophie


    Hi there ! Nice to meet you You speak some French, interesting... I'm French ^^ and I'm also in a nurse school ! If you (or anybody else) want some help with French, just ask, it will be a pleasure to answer any question Well, hope you have a lot of fun here
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