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  1. sadia.anwer




    Add me up! :)

  2. Tessy! You've retired? O:


    A little unexpected, sorry I took too long to sign back in here. I do hope you still sign in sometimes to check your messages. I've been plenty busy too, no time for anything. do you use skype? or anything? Add me and we shall chat! :)

  3. Tessy! *huggles*




    How are you? I signed in here after months! Been so busy with work. How are things with you? :)

  4. Sadia

    Hello girl! How are you? Been forever I haven't signed in here. How's it going?




    PS: Love your background cover! O:

  5. Oh what fun looking at everyone on the forum! We are one bunch of nice looking evils [whatever that means, it's kind of late and way past my bed time] It is a compliment! I don't think I've posted my pic ever, so here's one.
  6. Tess! :D


  7. Sadia

    I'm creating the designs on paper right now. Also designing other formals for her and dresses for my sister in law, my mother and myself xD

  8. Sadia

    Hello there! :D

  9. Tesssssssssssss!! *hugs* I decided to take a peek here! :)

  10. Sadia

    She's in King's College. =)

    London University is UCL, right?

  11. Sadia

    Oh wow! thanks for letting me know! I'll look her up here and find some stuff out. I need all the help I can get =)

  12. Sadia

    She's far away. In London actually =)

    Oh yeah, I do like the brothers from Supernaturals!

  13. Sadia

    Well, those business ventures are currently just random ideas. I want to find something that's profitable [in the fashion industry ofcourse] something that's easy to set up and a little bit flexible if possible. So my friend, who's all suits and ties with his business degree is helping along. We're currently thinking of having our own T-shirt brand.

  14. Sadia

    I can imagine how an only child must feel. Truly. Well I hope she can visit soon, she's gone for 3 years. But the good thing is, I might visit her sooner though.

  15. Sadia

    And Nanodesu is right!! Damon is super hot! *.*

  16. Sadia

    Yes. I've seen Supernaturals but only when it's one tv and i actually have control over the remote :D I've been planning to watch it but never get the time.

  17. Sadia

    So yeha. Vampire diaries is about these two brothers [gorgeous ones I might add!] who have a thing for this one girl. That's just part of it, but there's a lot more to the story. It's actually based on the books by L J Smith which I had been planning to read. You should give it a try! :)

  18. Sadia

    My sister left for her Phd so I'm missing her like crazy. Plus there's some other family issues that keep nagging >.<

  19. Sadia

    Well it's alright. Uses up most of my energy and brains so hardly any left for other stuff :P I'm kind of working free lance and doing a research for possible business ventures. Sounds frightening and there are times I get all scared but one's got to do what one's got to do. Plan for studies have been put on hold once more.

  20. Sadia

    I've gotten busy with work too so my manga editing and even manga reading time has been cut short :/

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