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    No, I’m REALLY bad at writing. @[email protected] Though, my sis is always reading and writing fanfic. She reads more fanfic then actual manga. lol So what are some of ur fav manga?
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    Welcome to EF!!! Short stories, huh? Do u happen to write any fanfiction?
  3. Ok, this is actually one of my favs. It is too good!!! I laugh my head off whenever she is playing the chicken!!! And even though Shou is the bad guy or whatever, he is really funny.
  4. I really like superior…it is so funny and can be very lighthearted…yet still have fighting and adventure. It’s a good mix. I started reading Superior cross and man it is so good. I can’t wait for more!!!
  5. I guess my first real anime was bleach. And it was my sister who got almost all the episode that were out at the time and showed them to me. I fell in love!!!
  6. @ cellas002 I actually stopped reading it for a few months…but that was to let it be updated a lot. Lol Have you watched the drama? Is it as good as the manhwa? @x5ga You should read it!!! …but shoujo-ai is girl on girl love, right? If so, then no there’s been none of that in it…sorry
  7. I’m actually a big crybaby. Naruto is one that gets my every time. The episodes when they go over gaara’s past. @[email protected] I cried a river! Oh and at the end of true tears…it was suppose to be Shin'ichirÅ and Noe together forever!!! Not Shin'ichirÅ and stupid Hiromi I cried like a baby in goong as well. STUPID YUL!!!! But you know I love animes and manga that can make me cry because that means it was able to really grab me. @[email protected]
  8. Anime: Bleach Target that must DIE: Orihime That bi--...she is evil…and weak…and stupid…and evil…and she better not get in the way of Ichigo and Rukia love!!! @[email protected] And yes I know bleach isn’t a romance but I just love them together. And that thing tried to k-k-ki-kis…I can’t even say it!!! In short I HATE HER!!! @[email protected] @[email protected]
  9. I really like Naruto as an anime…probably more then the manga. Because you get to see the heat of the battles and stuff. But I also liked true tears...besides the ending it was really good. And then there's One Piece ... you know what I guess I don't really have a fav becuase there are so many good ones! XD
  10. Out of the three I like myspace the most. I don’t know why but I like the way its set up. I HATE FACEBOOK! I created an account and found all my friends. But then I got bored and didn’t go on for a long time…when I tried to get back on it said they deleted my account because I didn’t go on enough or something like that. So I just gave up on it. I pretty much just heard of twitter…and I’m too lazy to check it out.
  11. I LOVE IT!!! XD I know some say it’s boring but I just don’t see it. @[email protected] Though that might be because I hate when good manhwa like this end. For the most part I like everything about goong. @[email protected] The plotline is really funny, cute, and yet it can be serious at times. Also it’s different from other manga/manhwa that has this type of plotline. Normally it never gets to a point where the couple has to divorce. So I guess what I’m saying is I like how its a little bit different and has those “That didn’t just happen†moments. When they got the divorce I looked like that ---> @[email protected] Plus, I love the art. It is so beautiful and detailed!!! I wish I could draw like that.
  12. *deep sigh* I really like Noblesse. It’s interesting to me, though it’s kind of slow and took its time getting started. BUT who cares now?! It finally hocked me! I think Franky is my fav!!! He is so cool yet funny!
  13. The VERY first manga I ever read was bleach. My sister Ashley had been a fan of anime/manga long before me. Probably after a year or two of reading online she finally introduced it to me. Since then every Wednesday I go online and read the updated chapters of bleach. @[email protected]
  14. Hi!!! I’m fayfay…and joined evil flowers because I absolutely LOVE goong!!! @[email protected] (I heard it was actually a drama or something like that before it became a manga. Does anyone know anything about that?)I’ve been reading goong for a very long time and I’ve always liked it…anyway this is an intro so I guess I should say a few things about me. Like every high schooler I’m almost always listening to music. @[email protected] In two weeks I’m going to start my sophomore year. YAY!! In my high school I’m part of an anime club(I was actually kind of shocked that they had one). I’ve been watching anime and reading manga for so many years I lost track. One day my sister came home with bleach and I haven’t stopped reading since then. @[email protected] For the most part I like almost every kind of manga @[email protected] …I guess that’s it. I’m not really good with intros. @[email protected]
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