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  1. found it

    even the natives don't know... but erm keep hoping?


  2. x5ga... you got hit by a car..... WTF you exceeded my expectations of self-destruction >.< you're ok at least... right?

  3. Sorry for being MIA for what has it been... I don't even know... but this hell semester is finally almost over after finals next week! SORRY:( REALLY REALLY SORRY!

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    2. Cellas002
    3. Tessa


      Same! Come back Sera!!!

    4. lat


      good luck with everything!! missed you!! :)

  4. aniiiiiii! i misss you and CB

  5. school sucks. that is all

    1. Ani


      I completely agree with you. I've been running on less than 4 hours of sleep a night for about 3 days now, and this will continue until Wednesday or so... D:

    2. Cellas002
    3. lat


      agreed :D though i kinda miss it now... eep

  6. Welcome!!! you should definitely go to CB and apply as a J Translator... sora will smother you with love <3 ha ha just kidding, but seriously everyone will love you:) enjoy your stay
  7. cellas!!! i've been studying every night... and i mean every freaking night... i'm so sick of reading about chemistry

  8. you have bunnies on your avi... why do you not love my bunnies:(

  9. ... i'm failing at stuff ha ha, but i'll see you lattttter;)

  10. my bunnies are crying


  11. *waves*

    btw... at super old comment below

    it's kind of biased when you report to yourself....... :P

  12. sad day... my eyes are all red and bloodshot >.<; dmg to be uploaded later today once I finish that weird page with crooked windows...

    1. lat


      oh no!! *hug* hope you're ok!

    2. Cellas002


      serappi!!!! don't diiiie~~!!

  13. your sports preferences scream wisconsin I'm from wisconsin I'm sure we'll get along fellow cheesehead:) Welcome to EF.. hopefully I'll see you on CB
  14. Back from exam hell and soon to be turning in stuff... finally, hopefully... ha ha

    1. Ani


      Welcome back, Sera~! :)

    2. Seraphia


      yay:) should be turning something in tonight:)

  15. waaaaah so nice *hugs* if you hugged me i wouldn't be scared unlike with that one who called me a bully
  16. whoops... i'm giving 5 a bad rep to the newcomers no worries, i'm not mean sera anymore sorry 5
  17. yeah.... my face, if you see it, shouldn't be here, but sometimes i meander over, but I should really be studying for my two exams tomorrow *tear*

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    2. Ani


      Good luck, Sera! >.<

    3. Cellas002


      sing~~ it helps relieving some stress =DD

    4. lat


      good luck in your exams! :D

  18. NOOOOOO don't let him nickname youuu Once old x names you, you will forever be an EF slave... although that might be a good thing...
  19. Welcome looks at list of skills *whooooooa* you should definitely join the team:) and about laptop space: i don't think CS5 takes up that much room less than a GB but anyways I hope you pass! and do come drop by the CB, once you drop by once you'll never want to leave *deceiving smile* jk, but come visit!
  20. I'm a bio major.... I should be enjoying doing my bio hw...notttttt

    1. lat


      heheh i know what u mean! i didnt like my biology A-Level though... so hard >.<

    2. Hira


      "Enjoying doing..." "so hard" ...one-track mind.

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