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  1. Ch 15 of DSGL: http://www.mediafire.com/?tvk17t573111vcz
  2. heh~ lasagna, yum~~

    I've been kinda ok. Heart broken, but healthy xD

  3. Oh, then goodluck and take care of your health. Though you're busy don't forget yourself.

    And I'm glad to hear that... You seem to be enjoying a lot!

  4. Ehehe :3 I miss you too~! I had relatives over at our house and had to work to pay for my choir dress and school fees. My mom is delighted with my progress as a seamstress :P

    How are you? I shall be back for winter break~ ♥ We get two whole weeks off! xD Hopefully I'll get my own laptop. >.

  5. I've been well~ xD

    My aunt came by and utilized my cleaning and babysitting services in exchange for lasagna. ♥ I ate it. xD How are you? I miss chatting wit chu~ ☺

  6. Shoka, where are you, I'm starting to miss you!

  7. I miss chu ! How have you been ?

  8. Shoka Ren

    Hi [:

    Yay! xD I haven't met you yet, so welcome to EF and nice ta meetcha! And don't worry, MOST of the people will treat you as a slave. And you're a PRer~ YAY! Good luck, and I hope to talk to you soon~
  9. oh, that's good to hear =) Hope you'll be feeling happy tomorrow too =D

  10. I was surprisingly happy the whole day! xD

    My mom's bf said he wasn't going to work. He was grumpy cuz he lost in gambling again, so I was going to work instead, but I didn't have to. :P What's up~ xD ♥ I miss you :D

  11. Nice to meet you too! xD

    And I'm happy to be on the team. ;D ♥

  12. aw~~ *pats shokachan* hope you're feeling better now =)

    and why are you going from school to work straight ? why ? lol

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