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  1. happy birthday again synth ! :D

  2. happy birthday synth ! :D

  3. I hate my life too many times a year. Fuuuck.

    1. Seraphia


      what happened...

  4. Synthoxide

    DSGL - Editing

    Hey all, So I fixed the dirt and spelling on the pages you specified, but I can't see what you mean when you say the lines are a little too light? Maybe it's my computer, but they all look perfectly fine to me, so if you could point the pages that look odd to you, that'd be great. (: Sorry for the extra work, Kirie. Oh, and I don't know about poit... It's in the proofread trans so I don't know how it got there... And in the credits, it's Synthoxide (I know, that's awkward). XD Otherwise, a very pretty page indeed~
  5. QC for chapter 12.5 up: http://evilflowers.com/ipboard/index.php?/topic/922-editing/page__view__findpost__p__19714 =)

    Please tell me if the credit card and the credits are ok.

  6. Finishing English and then off to editing DSGL 13 (: [and reading X's guide :D]

    1. x5ga


      yay, people are reading it ! I need to finish it soon xD

    2. Guest


      finish it while I still have time to read it @[email protected]

  7. Is there a point to making schedules when I never follow them?! XD

    1. Hira


      Yepp. Procrastination ;P

    2. lat
  8. Almost finished with that english homework. XD About half way through Atonement and I like it lots~ :D

  9. I don't think I made a new account, but honestly, that wouldn't surprise me. XD I'll double check and get back to you, Tessa. Haha.

  10. Synth, did you make a new account? Weren't you in the editor's section?

  11. editing DSGL (: Darn 2 page spreads...

    1. Tessa


      Hahah, I can feel your pain XD.

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