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  1. I'm willing to edit. I'm not experienced or good so far, but I practice, at least.
  2. Seriously scary. xD I've been called a daughter of a prostitute by my own mom, and boy does it sting. xD It just doesn't sound so horrible if you say something like that in english. ;3 Spanish is loud too. ;o The Spanish teacher at my school always says that English has a different sound in terms of how low or high you speak in tones. Other languages can get pretty nasty in comparison when they're used in anger. ;p
  3. Ah, that's a shame Ani, although French is pretty cool too. I'm probably biased but I think Spanish is one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Everything you say comes out more passionate than anything you can say in English. Especially when someone's angry at you. >.< If you think angry moms in English are scary when you're small, you do not ever want to hear an angry mom in Spanish. ;p
  4. Although I kinda dislike manga turned anime, it's great if it's pulled off by the right studio. :3 When the action is still-framed or the story is interrupted by fillers, it's a big let down. For example, Immortal Rain, one of my all time favorites, should definitely be an anime, but the action should be handled by a really good animation studio. Like Bones.
  5. Whichever. Es buena practica para mi espanol y tambien para tu ingles. Let's mix it up. :3 O, y si se donde van los acentos, pero no entiendo bien mi teclado. xp
  6. Haha, eso es lo que me pasa en espanol. Cuando pasas tanto tiempo en escuelas de ingles en que no te dejan hablar el espanol, se te empieza a olvidar. Tengo problemas en hablarlo bien porque se me olvidan las palabras que quiero usar.
  7. Si. Soy media guatemalteca y media salvadorenia. I like to think I'm fluent, but what can I say? English sticks. ;o
  8. To anyone who's read Please Save My Earth by Saki Hiwatari, this is the sequel based on the son of the main characters. It is a really sweet manga that was under Himawari Scans. A couple of years ago, they stopped scanning and basically disappeared off the face of the earth. I've got the raws up to vol. 8, and was wondering if anyone would consider picking it up here. :0
  9. Hurray, another Spanish speaker! Hi, welcome to the forum! I hope you'll like it here as much as I do.
  10. Code Geass is awesome. :0 I like it a lot better than Death Note, just because Death Note is a bit slower, but I like both. Anime that doesn't come from manga is usually better, just because you don't expect stuff to look/turn out a certain way. Anime based on manga is usually a bit slow or just doesn't meet the expectation, in my opinion anyway. :3
  11. No, he's really not that good at all. He spends most of his time telling people how important it is to listen to him talk, even when he's not teaching or lecturing in any way.
  12. Ooh I love Ouran Koukou Host Club and Seirei no Moribito. :3
  13. If it's not obvious enough, my favorite anime is Eureka7. <3 I also really love FullMetal Alchemist, Soul Eater, and Ergo Proxy. For some reason I tend to like some shounen anime better, and my favorite studio is BONES. They have the most amazing action scenes. :0
  14. Aw, that's a shame. I wish music teachers weren't so eccentric sometimes. The one at my high school is just not very nice and he's a bit creepy too. He also makes us play childish songs most of the time. It's pretty demeaning, but that's just how it is. :0
  15. Wow. :0 I've never been able to join a band (no one wants yet another guitarist :3), but that is so cool. ^^ I love jazz especially.
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