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  1. Although it took a while, finally I found acceptable internet provider, who could establish my inet in less than 2 weeks. Usually it takes 4-8 weeks in this region. Soo yippee, I'm online again :)

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    2. Cellas002


      welcomeback, Hika!!!!

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      Welcome back, Hika~ :D

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  2. oh ayne, how you know? XD

  3. My rainbow is black.

    1. Sphear


      My rainbow is blue :D

    2. hikagee


      Blue is also nice :) it's usually my second choice.

  4. if you something want from me, try old chat

  5. At first - good art and animation. Just good art isn't enough. I really don't like animations, where only moving thing is background picture, or less - you know, when camera is moving trough details of single picture. At least average story - if a plot is stupid and characters are flat, good animation is not going to do much help. However this part is not so simple to judge. And another Important part is consistent sound. I can ignore disturbing sounds (speech or music) but the effect of good sounds is always very impressive. I think, a good anime is not about personal preferences. I can watch an anime out of my favorite gengres, if it's really good -> above-average in all mentioned parts. (i think, there is a lot of grammar mistakes, sorry for that. )
  6. The first anime was Mononoke Hime or Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. I'm not sure, I saw both in the same year. However I had no idea that is anime. Well after I found GITS dvd among scifi movies and it was huge suprise. Animated movies and cartoons are for childrens - that was my basic idea and GITS was like new dimension... I liked drawing style so I was looking after similar works and found "anime"
  7. I love this one. It has steady position in my "top-ten" manga list I expected an average manga by description, but it was much-much better. I like the idea about rare animals and Count D personality. Hmm, I'm not sure how to tell in English - the meaning of stories is pretty sharp... I was suprised with the form, almost every chapter looks as "short-story", but it's still connected to series with some little part (and of course with protagonists). Pretty unusual, I think. Mostly, if I start to read from 2th or later volume, I miss the content of previous. It's true the art is little "old-looking", but still very nice and by my opinion, it suits the story. Count D is little old-stylish too :-) I'm curious about sequel, I don't read it yet.
  8. Hai Wow, it's loooong... I love books writen by Sapkowski, especially about the witcher.
  9. Suprisingly, It's quite good manga. It was a little boring at the start, after 3th volume I was about to drop it, because she/he was sometimes pretty annoying The plot reminded me the anime "Peace maker Kurogane" so out of curiosity, I kept reading. Step by step, it's getting more interesting. I agree, story is nice and full of joy. However I would to welcome more dangerous moment over parts, where she is crying, I like the art, I like the characters, altough I'm not very satisfied with heroine, she seems a little unrealistic, and often crybaby, yet it's still worth to read, so I would like to continue reading. (I was voting for this one in the poll )
  10. hikagee

    Hi :)

    Thanks I have no intention to elope for now, I'm waiting for next releases of my beloved series The forum games are time-eaters, so thanks, it's not really for me, but chatbox can be, so sometime.. I will try
  11. hikagee

    Hi :)

    The most difficult thing is the own introduction I'm huge fan of manga and anime, I love horses, books, coffe and I love the most drawing (or painting). The English grammar is my big enemy, every sentece is a fight. I have almost no practice. However I read a lot of english books, I wrote no more than 500 english sentences for all my life. This is also one of reasons why I'm here. The other one is - I like the mangas on the EF list ...sory for my english
  12. I have a list of favorites. Ouran Koukou Host Club, Fulmetal panic, Nodame Cantabile - I love these for a good humor. Saiunkoku Monogatari - great story with lovely characters. Some other favs: Samurai Champlo, Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa, Seirei no Moribito, Eureka Seven and latest on my fav-list is Shinrei Tantei Yakumo
  13. I think it was Fruits Basket. I liked the anime, so I was curious about manga too. Before I fihished this one, I started to read Hikaru no go too
  14. I'm reading Id, next wil be The Queen's Knight and Noblesse. However my reading list is much longer but i'm waiting for next chapters. I'm also in the middle of "Neverwhere" from Neil Gaiman.
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