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  1. hey hika, are you ok? hope you're alright >.< *hug*

  2. hika where are you? Is everything all right? I'm worried ._.

  3. Although it took a while, finally I found acceptable internet provider, who could establish my inet in less than 2 weeks. Usually it takes 4-8 weeks in this region. Soo yippee, I'm online again :)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Cellas002


      welcomeback, Hika!!!!

    3. Ani


      Welcome back, Hika~ :D

    4. x5ga



  4. oh ayne, how you know? XD

  5. Hika's profile picture is Hika trying to get along with the forum. ;D

  6. Hika~ 'Tis me (kuroxyomi), can't believe I haven't added you as a friend yet...

  7. woot hika you got a profile pic! and a status! nice!

  8. My rainbow is black.

    1. Sphear


      My rainbow is blue :D

    2. hikagee


      Blue is also nice :) it's usually my second choice.

  9. hey hika :) *ah sorry typed hike before o.O* If you need any help with Dream Fantasia or Amakusa (editing- or even cleaning/typesetting) just let me know ? :) And that's my proper editing xD not that rubbish pre-cleaning i did once o.O eurgh never again >.> hehe

  10. hey hike! :D I think you're idea for projects is really good XD I will also work hard to get some more projects completed! YAY! :D

  11. wah hika where are you? ~_~

  12. if you something want from me, try old chat

  13. At first - good art and animation. Just good art isn't enough. I really don't like animations, where only moving thing is background picture, or less - you know, when camera is moving trough details of single picture. At least average story - if a plot is stupid and characters are flat, good animation is not going to do much help. However this part is not so simple to judge. And another Important part is consistent sound. I can ignore disturbing sounds (speech or music) but the effect of good sounds is always very impressive. I think, a good anime is not about personal preferences. I c
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