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  1. Tessa

    OMG!! You're back!! :*

  2. Rae

    Helloooo everyone~<3

    Two cats and one 'neko' ;3
  3. Rae

    Wooo first comment. <3

    1. Jynx


      Haha, helloooo~ ^^

  4. I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts~

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. November Rose

      November Rose

      Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head~


    3. Melita_H


      Give 'em a toss, a planet across, that's how Vegeta wins, bye bye~ (I just realized I've no idea what the actual lyrics are, just the tfs version)

    4. November Rose

      November Rose



      Next part: Just give a twist a flick of the wrist~

  5. Happy birthday! :D Hope you are doing well

  6. Hiya Rae :3 just stopping by. Hope you're doing okay

  7. I'm hearing all around that you're sick/you got into an accident or something and skfjskdfhskdh, I HOPE IT'S NOTHING SERIOUS AND THAT U GET WELL SOON MISTRESS ;___;

  8. Ahh! I totally missed noticing your birthday! >.< Well, happy (wayyyyy) belated birthday! And we miss you and hope you are becoming healthy and all that good stuff. ^_^

  9. Mummy! I miss you! Get well soon and come back!

  10. I heard Rae is sick :/ Get well soon, sir :)

  11. Tante Rae~ <3 Have an Awesome Birthday! & Get well soon!

  12. Tante Rae~ <3 Have an Awesome Birthday! & Get well soon!

  13. Happy birthdayyy =D

  14. SoRa.

    Happy Birthday Raeeeee~<3 Awww you're ill? :( I hope you get well soon!!

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