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  1. Toshi_Densetsu_v05_ch18b_Cleans View File Spreadsheet has been updated :3 Submitter Ani Submitted 08/15/17 Category Editing  
  2. Toshi_Densetsu_v05_ch18a_Cleans View File *A wild Ani has appeared!* (Spreadsheet has been updated~) Submitter Ani Submitted 07/29/17 Category Editing  
  3. Ani

    ayneee~ Your avatar and sig are soo cute~ :3

  4. Ani

    Happy birthday, Lat~ :3 Hope you have an amazing day!

  5. Happy birthday, Ayu~ (Even though I haven't seen you on in so long ><)

  6. Welcome to EF, AnimeGirl~ Hope you have fun here!
  7. Ani


    Welcome to EF, Risk~ Hope you enjoy it here ^^ If you're interesting in typesetting or cleaning, occasionally there will be an EF editor or two down at the chatbox, and you can ask them questions and stuff. Ooh, I see you like TG :3 Have you caught up with the latest chapter so far?
  8. Oh, wow, it's Reika~ Her UtaPri cosplay is awesome, but I especially love her Kuroo cosplay. (I just really love Kuroo) <3
  9. Aww, I wish I could go to all those huge cons. Reika's cosplays are amazing. I want to see them in person eventually (sometime soon), but California and Texas are both too far. ;_;
  10. Everyone looks so nice~ ;o Also, that is a very bright green graduation uniform. O.O
  11. Welcome to EF! Ooh, I have a weird question~ Will you show us a picture of you? ;o (And this is a request: Please post a picture of yourself in the "How do you look?" thread :3) Also, good luck on your QCer test~
  12. Happy birthday (again)~ Hope you have a great day :3

  13. Ani

    Happy birthday (again)~ XD Haha, I felt the need to say it twice :3

    1. lat


      Thank you!!!! hehehehehe XD Amazing! <3 I loved seeing it on facebook! :D

    2. Ani


      You're welcome~ Hope you have a great day!

  14. Welcome to the team, Yui~ Hope you enjoy helping out here as much as we do :3
  15. *rolls*

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Joey


      Hai... I assume this is ur "locked" comment. Doesn't seem locked to me...

    3. Nekomikoto


      Is this still locked? I realized that since mods have permission to reply to locked topics then replying to locked statuses should be the same too o-o which might be why we can reply...Maybe have a non mod/admin try to comment to this status

    4. Joey


      Ani tested this the other day. i think we have come to conclude that if u r not a mod u can't reply to a locked status, and if a mod locks a status the person who owns it can't unlock it.

  16. Ani

    Happy birthday, ayne~ <3

  17. Ani

    Hello every1

    Hello~ Most of the members who like to talk to our staff usually go to our chatbox. Feel free to drop by~ ^^ http://evilflowers.chatango.com/
  18. Ani

    Thank you~ ^^

  19. Thank you, Koko~~ :3

  20. Ani

    Thank you, Sora-mama~ <3

  21. Ani

    Thank you, Dragos-papa~ :3

  22. Ani

    Hii everyone!

    Welcome to EF, ara~ Recruitment for the proofreading position is currently closed, but you should definitely consider learning how to clean and/or typeset. Those are awesome positions too :3 Also, if you would like to chat with some of our members/supporters, drop by the chat box! evilflowers.chatango.com
  23. Ani

    Hello :)

    Welcome to the team, Sasori~ Just so you know, you're not just "the new PR". The keyword in your title is "Loli" ;3
  24. ...Uh, I guess I'll be the first to say welcome! XD By the way, good luck on that PR test :3
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