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  1. i miss youuuu and vyx!!!!!!!!!! wahhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. ahhh also just read the AAW translation bit xD hehe is that angel at war? :D

  3. hehe no problem!! XD I look forward to it! ! :D But if your need any help during trying out the cleaning test, let me know and I can go through it with you :D good luck! :D I'm here if you need me!! :D


  5. yea, i'll pm you the test once i'm done with AAW translation *bangs head*

  6. good luck!! :D hehe sure xD aww thank you! :D (as long as cheesecake doenst mind! or we can do it together xD) I'd probably suggest checking out the guides first and having a go at the cleaning test :) then PM it to me and I can check through it :D Then I can give you more specific help :D if that sounds good ? :D whoopee!

  7. I'm going to try out as a cleaner! maybe you'll be so nice to be my teacher! ahahaha xD

  8. Slowly dying in this intense heat

    1. vyxsin
    2. lat


      ouch >.< not sure if this helps, but I have the complete opposite in the UK xD I'm dying in this ice box!

    3. Tessa
  9. I have to say... NICE PICTURES GIRLS (GUYS)!!
  10. Doens't want to see any honey bitter in another 2 weeks

    1. vyxsin


      Damn, it's my turn huh


    2. lat


      hheheheh i QCed it :3 once... xD

  11. EmoDevo

    NYA! NYA!

    *ï½ï½ˆï½…ï½ã€€ï½–yxsin* Well, nice tï½ã€€ï½ï½…et yï½ï½•ã€€ï¼ªï½…ssï¼ã€€ ï¼´ï½ã€€ï½‚e hï½ï½Žï½…st, I hï½ï½–en't reï½ï½„ ï½ï½Žï½™ï½”hing frï½ï½ã€€ï½™ï½ï½•ï½’ Tï½ï½ã€€ï¼‘ï¼ã€€ï½Œï½‰ï½“t yetï¼ã€€ Enjï½ï½™ã€€ï½™ï½ï½•ï½’ free tiï½ï½… while yï½ï½•ã€€ï½ƒï½ï½Žã€€ï½Œï½ï½Œï¼Žã€€ Did yï½ï½•ã€€ï½—in sï½ï½ï½… frï½ï½ã€€ï½”he rï½ï½ƒï½…s yesterdï½ï½™ï¼Ÿã€€ï½˜ï¼¤
  12. ehehehe thanks :D ummmm about 3 years on and off- I finished off my undergraduate degree (for a year) in between and did my Masters degree at the same time :) But now I'm all done so just work full time :D hehe

  13. Whoa, that's really impressive! How many years have you been working as one? Now I know where to go when I need counselling. xD

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