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  1. hey! how are you ? :) Been ages! hehhee

  2. You're banned because you don't like cats and bunnies xp
  3. (L'Origine du Monde) Gustave Courbet
  4. True. I go in a Godzilla mode. Have you ever fallen on the stairs with people watching?
  5. Welcome to EF! Thanks for joining, Clare. @[email protected] I'm also a Pinoy (recently found out) but is learning the language. @[email protected] So far, I know the basic - the 'opo', 'ate, kuya, nanay & tatay', 'mahal kita' and 'hindi kita gusto.' But my cousin says that I have this mix French & American accent when I tried to speak Tagalog ( @[email protected] and I can't seem to pronounce Tagalog right...I tend to say Tag-A-Log ) @[email protected] Anyway, hope you stick around! @[email protected]
  6. I read this! I found the plot very interesting and the artwork really pretty. I was, however, unsatisfied with the way it ended. So I'm extremely looking forward to the sequel and more of Count D's animals. P.S Does anyone remember that story with this little girl who attacks people and Count D looking at this pond inside of a room in his store. At the end, the pond becomes dry and Count D says something along the lines of 'A new species shouldn't be left out in the open' or something like that...? I got confuse with that subplot.
  7. Hey there, Bunneh! @[email protected] Yay @[email protected] Another fellow emoticon user! @[email protected] So glad that you decided to come here from PRS (hehe I'm from PRS too @[email protected] ) Hopefully you stick around so we can get to know each other @[email protected] See you around @[email protected]
  8. Pretty! <3 But can I see a pic of you w/ your hair blonde? Psstt...I love the second pic; it's like you're saying, "I'm looking at the camera and smiling. Happy?" lol
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