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  1. I like this manga but I can't say i consider it the best work of Mitsuki Kako. It is indeed sweet and tasteful though i feel like it kind of lacked in character and story development. There was no major conflict or intrigue, and the 2 got together a little too abrupt. What I liked about it though is that it didn't drag the story too much, it had a nice ending and the artwork was very good. I also like it because it's a proof of how much the mangaka grew in a few years. Reading Sora log a while after this, I realized how much better she became at everything from the paneling to the artwork and story itself. And that is only 2 years apart! My greatest dislike lies not with the mangaka but the released scanlations ( The best ones I got were very poorly edited and with some text that didn't make sense and it's such a pity ! Not to mention that with Sora Log we get 1 ch every few months @onions71@ I wish her work was a little more appreciated !
  2. As I stated before....the "sexual harassment panda" look ) Kidding, Deus, it's really a nice picture and a lovely bouquet of flowers!
  3. Even though there hasn't been much activity here lately, I thought it was only fair for me to submit a picture as well Don't really have pics on the computer right now and this is all I could find on photobucket.
  4. From what I see, most people around here agree that Hana Kimi should have an anime. It's really surprising that they did not make it yet!! I mean both dramas were huge successes , not to mention the manga! I really can't understand it. It would really be a smart marketing move to give the fans an anime as well. I think it would have great rating! Also, I too would love to see second seasons from Skip Beat! and Ouran Host Club which are among my favorites and also a proper sequel for La corda d'oro. Those 2 OVAs left me @onions77@ . As for my own proposal...I think I'd like to see an anime made after Zettai Kareshi (very funny and sweet story) and Sora Log. It''s a manga I recently discovered by Mitsuki Kako. I love both the graphics and the story...so far. It only has 4 volumes but they release 1ch every ...many months close to one year. @onions71@ It's really a pity (especially since they really butcher the scans and english language ) ) Oh yeah, forgot to mention one ...Air Gear. I liked the first anime and the manga, though at one point it gets a bit too Sci-Fi..Thing is a manga with sports and action and a good subject deserves an anime since it's had to capture the essence and movements in static 2d drawings. I'll probably discover many more mangas i'll wanna see as anime in the future but for now i guess these are all
  5. This is one of my favorite manga ever! I like it because the main character is so lively and strong (some friends of mine told me I'm just like Kyoko ahem @onions66@ ,especially when I get mad or i'm having sudden mood swings ) ) I think the story is very funny and sweet and yes, it is dragging from time to time but somehow the author finds new resources to put things back on track. Lately though....well I've been both happy and sad with the development. On one hand I love the fact Kyoko is starting to realize her feelings for Ren, on the other...I wanted more Kain and Setsu!! I loved those couple of chapters (yeah, brother-complex fan, I admit it... @onions65@ ) I'm very curious how the mangaka will tie all the loose ends since she always did before. But all I can do now is sit and wait for Mechgouki since they release it the fastest (and the best if you ask me) Glad to see so many Skip Beat! fans here. Can't wait to gossip with you guys on the new development of the story over the next chapters @onions60@
  6. Reya

    Hello :)

    Well so far everyone has been really great andm as you said, very friendly! I can't wait to start the actual work (when Tessa can give me a green light)Till then , I'll stay a lil padawan @onions66@
  7. Reya

    Hello :)

    @lat : Hello, lat ! It's my pleasure to be able to help. From what I've seen everyone is very cheerful and hardworking and I just hope I can keep up I too look forward to getting to know you guys..but my guess is it's gonna take a while I see there's a huge team at EF and I find that really amazing! As for my profession...it's pretty time consuming but I love it cause it's very dynamic and with quite a lot outdoor work. I hate being cooked up in an office (unless it's my room reading manga/watching anime @onions61@ )
  8. Reya

    Hello :)

    Hello and thank you for the war welcome @onions63@ @Kirie : no problem, as you can see I failed at my introduction as well @SoRa~Pi : and hopefully, I'll get to edit some manga you translate, since I just offered my help in this aspect @onions66@
  9. Reya

    Hello :)

    Hey guys,nice to meet you! My name is Reya ...and I'm an animaniac ) (God i love these AA type messages @onions41@ ) Anyway...I'm from Romania, I'm 26 and ...I'm a landscape architect. I think Evil Flowers is an amazing project and I love the work you guys do. Too few people these days take on voluntary projects since they're all busy chasing the cash so it makes things like these even more precious. I really don't know what else I could add. I mainly posted this to greet everyone since it's not polite to come into someone's home and not say a word @onions66@ So thank you for your hard work, and I guess I'll be seeing you around!
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