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  1. I'll talk with litte me and say "it will be alright!" What will you do if your brother/sister ruined your laptop?
  2. I am a huge fan of Facebook because I could searched for very old friends that I didn't meet for decades... (yeah, I'm almost 30, I can talk about décades!) (and don't laugh!) I find Twitter not usefull at all.
  3. LiLiana


    I got bored right in the middle. What a pity... I'll try to watching again later...
  4. Topic title: Sekiheki Strive Summary: On the death of his brother, Sonken inherits the heavy responsibility of head of household. Lost, not feeling up to his deceased brother, the young man is trying somehow to meet its obligations. He will soon put aside his fears and anxieties, to fight alongside generals of the Three Kingdoms. Indeed, General Cao Cao, decided to unify China and by this act of destroying the old clans. Follow Sonken and friends and enjoy the exciting battle of Red Cliff which will compete for the future of China, the finest strategists and fighters outstanding. This is actually the story of the Battle of Red Cliff. Links for raws: sorry, I don't have them... Topic title: Non non biyori Summary:Elementary school student Ichijou Hotaru has moved with her parents from Tokyo to the middle of the country. Now she must adapt to her new school, where there are a total of 5 students in the same class who range through elementary and middle school ages. Join their everyday adventures in the countryside. (MU link: http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=48265) Links for raws: http://www.mirari.fr/HcSb for vol.1 http://www.mirari.fr/xMgw for vol.2
  5. Very, very difficult question. I think I can't answer right now... Well may be Esclaflowne. Yay, old school and proud of it!
  6. I'm currently watchin : Level E : so funny and very strange ! Guilty Dragon Crisis Puela Madoka Magika Some old Sailor Moon and Ojamajo Doremi @oni[email protected] @[email protected]
  7. Clannad, Air and Kanon: soooo sad! In Full Metal, when Al died then Ed sacrificed himself to bring him back but he didn't have any memories. In Chrono Crusade, at the end, when they peacefully die, hand in hand... @[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected]
  8. LiLiana


    Hello everyone! Nice to meet you all. Lily, 28 years old, manga, anime and drama fan. (I never know what to say for the presentation post.) Sorry by advance for mistakes, I'm a non-english native. I'm French. See you soon! @[email protected] @[email protected]
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