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  1. Hello! Nice to meet you!

  2. thanks so much :) so nice of you to post on my status :) thank you!

  3. Thank you :) We are very grateful *bows*

  4. When I can do it, I just do. My humble participation ^^



  5. Thank you so much for another donation!! We will continue to work hard on NNB :)

  6. hehehehe XD muhahahahahaha XD

  7. OOOOOOOOOOOOhhhh....



  8. keep an eye on the anni release 20th may- you're favourite might be making an appearance! ;D but shhh im not meant to say ;P

  9. I'm going to visit her! My boss gives me my Saturday (I work on Saturdays...) so I can have a whole week-end. I will buy tickets, hoping it won't be too much, knowing the awfully prices of SNCF. oni88 She lives near Brussels. I'm going to tell her at lunch time. Crossed fingers she will say OK.
  10. I was planning to visit her some day. I think it may be the right time. Yes, her boyfriend works outside and she's has too much work. That's for sure. I hope it's just that she needs too work less and it's not a bigger problem. She's on skype right now. I left her a message and she responded : Later. Work. ....
  11. Hello guys and girls from EF! This is my situation. My best friend (a brilliant girl, kind, lovely, well, the best) is going into depression. I have her on the phone yesterday and she was sounding very awkward. She lives far away from me but we continue to phone, skype, mailing but it's not the same thing as in real person. You know what I mean. I know something's wrong but she won't tell me. She only says that she is tired and sick, that was her voice was shaking ! Shaking !!!! So, I phone her boyfriend without telling her (I hope she won't be mad). He says to me she seems Ok, but that her job is taking all of her time and he can't see her very often. For information, she is a professional translator and works at home. She established her enterprise 3 years ago and, is working... alone in her bedroom since 3 years... I may be wrong but I think this is the problem. When I mentioned my last adventures with my colleagues yesterday, she only responds that it is better to have stupid co-workers that being alone. Rings a bell... But she works at home, she actually lives with his boyfriend, have animals, friends... Why her boyfriend told me he can't see her? They LIVE together. Is she working so much that they don't do anything on week ends for example? I will phone her tomorrow. Well, I'll try, she told me she had a lot of work, not time chatting. That hurts me a lot. She's like my sister. I know she told me that because something is wrong but I don't know how to help her. If you have any thoughts, any ideas, they are very welcome.
  12. Really????

    YAY!!!! So happy ! What a wonderful gift for this New Year !!

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