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  1. Working to finish off HnR v6 once and for all!!

    1. ayne


      Wohoo, get them going!~ *cheers*

    2. ayne


      Omg, looks like it's done now, isn't it? :) Wow, kinda sad about it... Are you going to stay with us though?

  2. Grim Peddler ch13 has been uploaded

  3. Working on GP 13 before HnR

  4. Working on GP until I get home to do HnR

    1. Tessa


      I approve this message XD

  5. 3 years of the bean at Evil Flowers. Wow, time flies.

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    2. lat


      Wow I just checked old forum and apparentl I joined 2009-12-12 xD sooo 4 and a half years?!! whoa!!!!!!!!!!! and my first inbox message is from tessa and its titled 'Ok, I'm not abusing you XD' HAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOVE IT!

    3. SoRa.


      oh wow congrats! i just realised our EF anniversary is very close and in the same year too! you joined on 8th March 2011 (saw on your 'about me') and i joined on 11th March 2011!! so woohoo~ go us xD

    4. anon666


      Late comment, but woooo Beans! Congrats!

  6. Exams! You know 'em better than I do!

  7. Wait wait, I'll be here on the weekend! It's just that chem exam on Friday...

  8. D'awww!! Thank you, lat! =D I wish for your New Year's to be very awesome!!!

  9. D'awwww!! Thank you so much Sora-ssi!! =D I hope your holidays were equally and even better this year!!

  10. Thanks, Nekomikoto!! =D

  11. Time to get back into the scanlation game 8D

  12. One week of finals, see you soon!

    1. anon666


      Argh! How do you survive long exam periods?! Wishing you the best of luck /hug

  13. One moment, I'll finish fixing up HnR ch26 right after I 'pass' my tests on Monday.

  14. Sick... -cough cough-

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    2. Tessa


      Hope you'll get better soon. *hugs*

    3. Nekomikoto


      omg why didnt I see this sooner?! D: I hope you are better now hola-bean!

    4. holanio


      I feel a lot better, but for some reason I'm still coughing. I don't really understand why...

      Thank you guys for the blessings though, I really appreciate it <3

  15. Just gonna take my two midterms this week and I'll be baaack~

  16. I haven't cosplayed before, but my friend wants me to be Chie (Persona 4) coupled with Harada-no-something (Chie's persona) for the upcoming Anime Expo =]
  17. Yup! This is probably the "busy time", Tessa mentioned. Oh well, things are happening! Hopefully it doesn't get left in the dust for too long. Or perhaps we'll just have a lot of chapters ready by then =]

  18. I was freaking out quite a bit too XD Welpers, at least ch.24 is done. I don't know if anyone has noticed that though. (Besides Nekomikoto)

  19. Yeaah, she just came back from a trip in Las Vegas.

  20. Aww, are you guys jointing with Shoujo-sense? @____@ And are you still going to translate a series for them~?

  21. RWBY (Red White Black Yellow) is an animated series by RoosterTeeth :'D It's really cool because each character is based off storybook characters or something similar. You can watch all the episodes and stuff here -- http://roosterteeth.com/archive/?id=6052&v=more

  22. Kono Oto Tomare, thank you~<3

  23. Noir-some, you wouldn't happen to watch RWBY, would you?


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