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  1. 3 years of the bean at Evil Flowers. Wow, time flies.

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    2. lat


      Wow I just checked old forum and apparentl I joined 2009-12-12 xD sooo 4 and a half years?!! whoa!!!!!!!!!!! and my first inbox message is from tessa and its titled 'Ok, I'm not abusing you XD' HAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOVE IT!

    3. SoRa.


      oh wow congrats! i just realised our EF anniversary is very close and in the same year too! you joined on 8th March 2011 (saw on your 'about me') and i joined on 11th March 2011!! so woohoo~ go us xD

    4. anon666


      Late comment, but woooo Beans! Congrats!

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