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  1. That' great.....Spanish and french have some things alike.....and you're going to see by the end of the year your are going to understand many things (good and bad =D)
  2. ......Yeah It can be, it depends how much you speak english or spanish.... when you speak Spanish, the entonation of some words can make you feel horrible or not.... ...By the way are you studying french?
  3. Yeah I agree with you.... ...It's really awful when someone yells at you in Spanish.....I think there are more rude words in spanish than in english =D
  4. There would be two of us LiLiana @[email protected] .....by the way I'm studying french also, I would want to download the pronuciation and grammar of french because when i speak it sounds weird @[email protected] @[email protected] .... Don't worry My keyboard doesn't work well too .....I can't use some signs =D..... I think you don't have la "ñ" in your keyboard also ....=D That's great Ani.....entender es un gran paso para hablar y escribir =D....
  5. En mi caso estudié el ingles hace dos años o mas y por falta de practica estoy comenzando a olvidar ciertas palabras, expresiones y todo eso...... But if you want we can speak in spanish.....(or maybe you speak/write in spanish =D and I do the same but in english =D)
  6. Also I like to think I'm fluent in English @[email protected] ......Pero creo que tengo que pensar dos veces antes de decir/escribir algo @[email protected]
  7. Gracias =D!!!!!! I enjoy being here!!!!! ...By the way Do you speak spanish?
  8. Where i live there wasn't people who used MYSPACE...there is a page named hi5.com it's almost like facebook, everyone used it so I spent in there my last days in high school....But then the FACEBOOK fever began, at first there were few people who get an account (I was one of them ^^)...and now everyone uses facebook, and what i like about it is that you can join many groups and communities, meet new friends.... ....About twitter I don't have an account yet.
  9. ....There are many.....but the number one is Code Geass the story and the characters are awesome, also i like Death note, Tsukihime, Kuroshitsuji and Trinity Blood..
  10. Apologize @[email protected] ..... ....I made a mistake, It's Cat [email protected]@ .... Sorry.....I should be careful when I write....
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