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  1. lat

    hey :D how are you? :)

  2. lat

    It was very lively and hectic :D hehe it wore me out a lot! but it was fun :)

  3. lat

    That sounds lovely :) My boss is Chinese and celebrate the Chinese New Year- it was really fun as we had a mini office party :D We travelled a fair bit- Delhi, Agra, Varanassi, Jaipur, Jodphur, Udaipur- these were the main places but we drove a lot of it and saw so many little villages :D

  4. 709zzy

    Really? That's sounds great. There were a few local Chinese new year events that I attended with my family. But I didn't do any traveling, haha. Where did you go in India? It must be lively over there.

  5. lat

    That's good :D I've been good as well thank you! I travelled around India this January which was amazing :) But I'm still so tired from it all!!! Did you have a nice Christmas and New Year? :)

  6. 709zzy

    I'm fine, thanks.

    How have you been Lat?

  7. lat

    hey!!! how are you? :D long time no speak!! XD

  8. Heheh, thank you for the friend request ^^.

    Please answer my pm! *puppy eyes*

  9. lat

    awesome :) thank you!

  10. lat

    Cool :D Do you have the raws already to continue translating? :)

  11. lat

    great thank you :) I'll let tessa know ^^

  12. lat

    hey again- new plans .. hehe sorry...

    would you be able to finish translating Anata ga Megane wo Hazushitara please? just been offered a joint on it with HQ scans :) If you'd like to that is :D Clover can wait as we have two volumes translated in advance of the editing ^^; is this ok? sorry!

  13. lat

    ah great :) thank you! I'll let tessa know :)

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