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  1. lat

    happy birthday!! :D

  2. jhdgkhkdtsg

    1. anon666


      Thou hath appeared! What are these mighty words of wisdom thou presents us with?

    2. holanio



    3. Nekomikoto


      Heyy are you okay? xD Calm downnn!!! Breathe and tell us

  3. ohhh o-o i see xDDD uhh nah its okie if she already has them then :3

  4. I PMed her the right links yesterday :]


    Should I post them on the forum too?



  5. :x saw ayu's post. I think it was a copy-paste mistake, as your original post of 12-13's link was correct.


    Dunno if it was my oopsy or not since it was so long ago but the first post should have correct 12-13 link now XDD

  6. Hey Sphear! :D


    Chapt 12 & 13 of Grim has Chapt 11's link. Could you reupload with 12&13 :o ? Thanks dear! You could PM me the links too if you dont want to make it so troublesome hehe xD

  7. Good luck, fellow compadres

    1. holanio


      !!! Sphear used motivation. It's super effective!

  8. lat

    Happy birthday!!! :D Have a good day! :D

  9. Carry us to victory! :0

  10. I hopped on Bean's challenge of finishing off HWC by mid-March. It's for you. FOR THE AWESOME LEE!

  11. Over the Sphear we go, laughing all the way~ Ho ho ho!

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