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  1. HI, again, and sorry to the administrators for having started with the wrong foot. I hope I'll get it better this time Ok, firstly, the fact that I am here, shows two things: one, I have just registered and am just starting this adventure in wonderland (so please be nice to me everyone); and two, I like manga and manhwa. Other than that an important aspect would be the fact that I also basically enjoy reading almost anything and everything at the same time and that, right now, I have just another six months left until my crucial admission exam into the (hopefully) architecture university and another 3 months until I finish high school. My life is kinda stressing and frustrating right now... To go back to the manga/manhwa subject I'd say that I really enjoy reading many of the EF projects (they actually form the top of my preferences right now: Masca, Saver, Arcana, FAL, Dear Waltz...) and that, except for those I really liked Fruits Basket, Akuma to love song, The Bride of the Water God, Until death do us part...(open to maaany suggestions). The stories that I have most respect for at this point are Death Note, Jigoku Shoujo and part of Code Geass (they are not necessarily my favorites, but there is a depth to them that is quite uncommon)... That would be it, for now... Thank you, whoever you are that has had the patience to go through this 'til the end
  2. I' m not really a fan of either of them, but that's really just because i wouldn't get the time to check them and keep them up to date. I also have a problem with the privacy facebook gives you. I am aware that there are settings and options that you can choose and that will only make you visible to certain people and so on, but my question regards the system itself (open for talks). Anywaay, right now, pretty much every single person in my class is pretty much obsessed with facebook. SInce I don's have an id I can't really understand them (again, open for talk). Anyway, there's an aspect that I like: meeting people, not just the ones you get to see daily, but people who you may never actually get to meet in real life, who live 5000 miles away from you, but who are nonetheless very interested in talking to you
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