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  1. Hay everyone! (: So I've been a fan of evil flowers since quite a while now and decided to join the forum now. I'm looking forward to meet new people who are as osbsessed with manga as I am! So, first I'll introduce myself: My name is Cara, I'm 15 years old and come from Germany. I've been turned into an otaku for about 2 years now. I prefer manga over anime. Erm, I got a doggie, 3 cats and 2 rabbits. My hobbie is dancing, reading, editing and dancing I've got a lot of training and currently a muscle ache. My favourite mangas are: Skip Beat Gravitation Forest of Gray City Sedoction more beautiful than Love Dogs: Bullets & Carnage Savage Garden I've got a brother and a sister but sadly both are not interested in neither anime nor manga. But my cousin shares the same addiction as me! (: It's kinda hard to get all my favourite mangas here in Germany, but I'm currently saving money to expand my manga collection. Well, that'd be all I currently regard important to know about me (: Oh! I nearly forgot something! I'm a friendly person and don't bite
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